Brody’s Favorite Books - Age 3

Our little guy has always been a reader. When he was a baby and I was a SAHM, I would read books to him before every nap and before bed to try to establish a bedtime routine. We’d read in his room, with him on the Boppy Pillow looking at me (or more likely the ceiling fan).

As he got older, we would keep books in his nursery and the living room so he could always have books nearby. I think I even remember keeping a small basket in the kitchen for a while!

Now that he’s almost three-years-old, he’s read some of his books to pieces, literally. We’ve had to throw away many because they were so worn and torn, with covers missing and pages ripped and stained.

He’s had a few books that have remained favorites ever since we got them and also some newer additions to our collection.

Potty by Leslie Patricelli – We LOVE all of the Leslie Patricelli books, but Potty is a favorite and Yummy Yucky is a close second. Potty is about potty training and a little boy’s first time using the potty. Potty was the first book that Brody could really recite by heart and it’s adorable to hear him say, “Tinkle, tinkle, toot! I did it! Hooray! Undies!” The main character in all of Patricelli’s books is a baby and the illustrations are darling. Her books have either a simple “story” or a predictable and repeated text. I think we own six of her books, but we’ve read them all!

Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean and Eric Litwin- Just as with the Patricelli books, Brody loves all of the books in this series, but Four Groovy Buttons is his favorite. In this book, Pete the Cat wears a yellow shirt with four buttons, and throughout the story they pop off one by one. With repeated phrases like, “Did Pete cry? Goodness no!” and, “Buttons come and buttons go,” it’s a book that makes it easy for young ones to fill in the blanks and read along with mom or dad. It also introduces subtraction.

Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry – We first discovered Little Blue Truck Leads the Way after it was given to Brody for his second birthday, and only later found out that there was actually another book that came before it! Little Blue Truck is about a rude truck that gets stuck in mud and is helped by the Little Blue Truck and his farm animal friends. This book is great for teaching animal sounds and the lesson of helping others. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way is about cars and trucks traveling the busy streets of the city and all wanting to go first, leading to a traffic jam. Little Blue Truck shows them that it’s not important to be first, but to go one at a time.

Time for Bed by Mem Fox - We’ve had this book since Brody was born, and I remember reading it to him when he was just days old. It’s still in his room and is one of his favorites to read before bed. In this book, the author says goodnight to different animals with rhyming text, and at the end says goodnight to a child. We have the lap book edition, so the book is huge and the pictures are beautiful. It’s the perfect bedtime book because the last line is, “Sweet dreams my darling, sleep well, goodnight.”

Super, Incredible Big Brother by Jennifer Dewing – This book holds a special place for our whole family because it was given to Brody by a friend after his little brother Kieran was born. This book is personalized, and Brody and Kieran’s names appear throughout the book. It’s made especially for older siblings when the new baby is brought home and is written to explain how the big brother will be a leader and a friend. It calls the big brother “marvelous,” “a superstar” and “incredible” and the book comes with a medal to match the title. We love it!

Is one of your child’s favorite books listed here??

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