Cake Gender Reveal

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child, we were over the moon! Our son is the light of our life and we feel so blessed to be able to give him a sibling and expand our family.

When we had our son, there was absolutely no question that we wanted to know if he was a boy or a girl. We had our “big” ultrasound just past 20 weeks and the ultrasound tech said “It’s a boy!”

I just knew it!

We had the ultrasound tech take a picture of my hubby and I with a sign I had made saying “It’s a boy!” on blue paper (the pink one I made went into the trash can).

We shared the picture with our family to let them know that a little guy was on the way.

This time around, I didn’t have anything creative planned to “announce” the gender, but we definitely wanted to find out. Let’s face it –NO ONE will be as excited about the gender of their child as the mama and her significant other.

But as the day of our anatomy scan drew closer, I started hearing about this new idea called a “gender reveal,” where the parents-to-be find out the baby’s gender with the rest of their family and friends instead of in their doctor’s office.

Another fantastic mama I know opted to do a balloon release, but I wanted to do something more, ahem… food-related. Who doesn’t like cake?

At first, my husband was against doing anything besides just having the two of us find out together, but after seeing a video on Facebook of a co-worker that had the same idea, he agreed that it looked like fun.

So we invited our parents, siblings and a few aunts and uncles over for dessert one night. We made it quite simple – no invitations, no frills and certainly no gifts. Just come and eat cake! We set the day and time and those that could make it were welcome.

I pre-ordered a cake from our favorite bakery, Coccadotts and arranged with them that someone from our doctor’s office would be calling them shortly after our ultrasound. The chocolate cake would already be made and they would simply fill the middle with either blue or pink butter cream. My mother-in-law would pick it up a couple hours later and everyone would join us for dessert that evening.

The day of our appointment arrived, and though Hurricane Sandy was a serious threat in upstate New York, the worst of it stayed to the east and south of us.

Our family arrived and we were able to Skype with my brother, who lived in California at the time.

I bought plates that said “It’s a girl” and napkins that said “It’s a boy.” I had bought one too many bags of Halloween candy (oops!) and colored in the “SHE” on the Hershey label pink and the “HE” on the Hershey label blue and offered everyone a chance to guess by taking a chocolate bar.

The overwhelming guess was “SHE” – my husband and I included. I was positive this baby was a little girl!

My husband and I got ready to cut the cake, and our little man helped us out as well. We cut into it and….


Another little guy to join our family…we can’t wait to meet him!

5 Responses to Cake Gender Reveal

  1. SUPER cute, love this!!!!!

  2. I love this! Congratulations!

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  5. Very cute! How fun!

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