Cassidy’s Transition to a Big Girl Bed

Shortly before our daughter turned two, we planned a trip to Florida to visit my parents for a holiday. Knowing that we would be flying from Ontario to Panama City Beach with a toddler and our luggage instantly made me realize that taking a playpen with us was out of the question. I figured that now was a great time to begin the transition from crib to Cassidy’s big girl bed since we had just over two months to prepare.

Our spare bedroom was already set up as a guest bedroom with a queen sized bed. Although the crib we have does change into a toddler bed, I didn’t see the point in going from crib to toddler bed and eventually to a full sized bed. So we moved furniture around, bought new bedding and a bed rail, added some fun ‘girly’ elements for Cassidy and got her excited for her new room.

The first night in her new room and bed went just as we expected - she cried and didn’t want us to leave. This continued for the first week. My husband and I would trade nights to put Cassidy to bed, and lay beside her until she fell asleep and we were able to sneak out. For the first two or three nights she would wake up randomly throughout the night and would need comforting, but that didn’t last long. By week two, we tried sitting at the end of the bed and would wait until she fell asleep. Week three, we were able to slowly move towards the bedroom door while she was still awake, letting her know we were close by in our room and promising to leave her door open (she made sure to remind us of this promise every night for quite a while!)

Within about one month, the transition was complete! We traveled to Florida and she slept in a regular bed while we were there for the week without issue. For three months, she wouldn’t get out of her bed on her own and called for us when she woke up in the morning. One day she realized that she could do it on her own, and now she surprises us nice and early each morning by crawling into our bed with us.

Now that we are expecting baby number two, I am happy that we decided to make the transition when we did. Could she have stayed in the crib longer? Probably! Would she have started climbing out of the crib at some point? Most definitely! We avoided dealing with an escape artist and she is comfortable in her big girl room and understands that the crib and nursery will soon belong to her baby brother.

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  1. Stephanie Sangatanan Reply

    So exciting making the transitions as they grow!

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