Chicco Cortina Travel System Review and Giveaway!

I was given the opportunity by Chicco (pronounced Key-Co) to try out their new Cortina Travel System and have been using it for a few weeks. I’m on my third daughter and have tried every major brand of travel system.

When I opened the box my first thought was, “nice fabric.” The Cortina Travel System comes in 16 different stylish fabric choices.

Then I thought, “I wonder how hard the car seat is going to be install.”

I am happy to say, the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat is by far the easiest install of all the major car seat brands I’ve tried. You attach the latches, pull the easy-to-pull tether and you’re done. There was no need for me to place my knee on it to provide enough pressure, either.

I love how padded the seat is. My eight-week-old Aubrie is very comfortable in it. It comes standard with removable newborn inserts and the seat itself is about average weight for an infant seat. The only downside is that the fabric doesn’t seem to breathe well. I live in Southern California where it gets to be 100 degrees F frequently. Aubrie doesn’t seem to mind, but she sweats profusely in the seat.

Now about the stroller: it was really easy to assemble. There’s nothing worse than having to spend an hour putting together an item of baby gear. The Cortina stroller only took 20 minutes to put together. The infant car seat pops right into the stroller seat. As with the car seat, the stroller is plush and the fabric is easy to clean.

The stroller’s one handed open/fold system is something a lot of other strollers lack. This is extremely useful when you’re juggling an infant. The stroller is large, so it’s great for older children. But, because the stroller is large, it’s very heavy and does not fold flat. As for steering, the stroller glides on hard surfaces beautifully, but it’s significantly harder to travel on dirt or gravel.

Car Seat Pros:

  • Easy to install
  • Not too heavy
  • Plush interior
  • Fits up to 30 lbs

Car Seat Cons:

  • Fabric is hot/doesn’t breathe well

Stroller Pros:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Plush interior
  • 16 colors to choose from
  • Roomy interior
  • Good steering
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Great from birth to 50lbs.

Stroller Cons:

  • Not good for riding on dirt
  • Heavy
  • Does not fold flat

Overall the Cortina Travel System is great and I would recommend it to any first time (or third time) parent. Chicco has generously contributed a travel system to one lucky mama to win. Enter below and good luck!

Must complete first four entries to be eligible to win. Must be 18 years of age or older. Open to residents of the United States. Contest begins Wednesday, August 28th and ends on Tuesday, September 3rd, 11:59 PDT. Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Check your inbox or spam folder for emails from
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52 Responses to Chicco Cortina Travel System Review and Giveaway!

  1. my sister in law is preggo with her first baby and could really use this!

  2. Cassandra Eastman Reply

    It would make a great shower gift for my friend!

  3. It would be great for Grammy to take my son on walks since she can’t use my carrier!

  4. My coworker’s wife is having a baby and they would love this as a baby shower gift.

  5. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because i just had a baby 3 months ago and we still need a stroller!

  6. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because it would make a wonderful gift for a very good friend of mine.

  7. Because I love Chicco and I could really use the stroller for my little one!

  8. I am hoping to get pregnant soon, and will need one of these. Just had a miscarriage but hopeful its soon anyhow :)

  9. I want to win a chicco cortina travel system because they are amazing and so easy to use!

  10. Awesome baby gift!

  11. because my baby needs it!

  12. I am expecting baby #2 and our infant seat is expired. We had the Chicco Cortina travel system with our first and loved it.

  13. I’m also pregnant with my 3rd and a travel system is the only thing we need! Great review!

  14. It would make an amazing baby shower gift.

  15. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because we love our Chicco car seat, but it will expire soon, so we need a new set for the new baby!

  16. Best travel system we LOVED ours

  17. This looks like a lovely set.

  18. This would be wonderful for a first time mom!
    My younger cousin just had a baby and this would be prefect!

  19. This would make a great gift…or I would save it for baby #2!!!

  20. I want to be ready for the next little one!

  21. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because i need one for my three month old to be able to take him places and cause i cant afford to buy a stroller

  22. I want to win this Chicco travel system because I am having baby and don’t have one.

  23. I want to win because the stroller from my first child only has so much time left on its use!!!

  24. Chicco products are great!

  25. My grandson is coming to visit!

  26. I would love to win this stroller because we do not have one yet & need one by the end of the year:)

  27. I would love to try a Chicco travel system for baby number 2!

  28. We are about to have our 4th baby

  29. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because it looks amazing and my sister is pregnant so this would be an amazing gift.

  30. I would love to win this- looks fabulous and we are expecting our second

  31. because….it is awesome! And, I could use it for future baby #3!

  32. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because…I need it for baby!

  33. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because…we are having a baby in Octoberandthiswould really help us out!

  34. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because I have a niece who is pregnant and it would make an awesome gift for her and her husband.

  35. I would like to win because we’re trying to get pregnant again after several years and we have given away our old baby gear.

  36. mama needs a new seat for the babe!

  37. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because we are having our first baby in almost 7 years. We are starting from scratch with our baby gear.

  38. My sister is expecting her first baby and could really use this. I LOVE Chicco products, and I know she would as well.

  39. I want to win this for my sister who just had a baby

  40. My child HATES her carseat! I would love to win this Chicco travel system for her… I’ve heard wonderful things about their products!

  41. I’d love to win this travel system! We are in need of an infant seat for our little one due in January….this seat looks perfect! (and a matching stroller would sure be nice too!)

  42. because Chicco is the best!

  43. Because we are going to be adding to the fam next year, and i’d,love a new stroller!

  44. I’m expecting in November and I don’t have a car seat or stroller yet!

  45. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because it looks amazing and because of your review/giveaway I REALLY WANT ONE!

  46. Chicco car seats have very good safety ratings and that what’s most important, keeping baby safe!

  47. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because this stroller has great features and we are in need of a new one. thank you!

  48. ! I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because it would be a great stroller to have with me everywhere I go!

  49. my current travel system is over 7 years old and it would be awesome to have a new one that doesn’t squeak!

  50. I want to win a Chicco Cortina Travel System because my sister is about to have a baby and I would love to win this for her.

  51. I would have to disagree and say that the stroller is actually quite light! And the only con I have is that the storage is very minimal when the seat is reclined, but other than that I love the system!

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