Chicco Echo Stroller Review and Giveaway

When I was pregnant – back when my son was in-utero and I basically had no idea what he would actually need  - I tried to put a lot of thought into what I’d want in a stroller when he came. Having never had a child before, it’s not surprising that I put emphasis on what I now consider to be “luxuries”, not “necessities” in a stroller. I wanted – no…insisted – that it would have only three wheels and not four. I didn’t care much about storage because I was planning to be one of those moms that “doesn’t need to haul 100 pounds of baby stuff everywhere she goes.” Ha! I didn’t care if it was low profile or easy to fold, though now for the life of me I can’t understand why not. Some of the things that I cared about that ACTUALLY ended up mattering were “must be able to turn sharp corners” and “must be capable of easily rolling over surfaces like grass and gravel.”

So, long story short, I ended up with a top-of-the-line jogging stroller from a well-known brand. And you know what? It was fine. Despite the fact that I didn’t pick up exercise or jogging until my child was two-years-old, it did fulfill all of my requirements, however silly they might have been.

So fast-forward three months from N’s birth. It was just turning into summer in St. Louis and it was HOT. My husband travels a lot for work so the baby and I were alone for the weekend and I decided to attend a local flea market. I decided to just “carry the baby because the stroller was too much work to bring.” Turns out the fact that it was heavy and bulky WAS, in fact, an issue. Five minutes into the flea market it occurred to me that I desperately wished I’d brought the stroller. So I ran to a local big box store and picked up one of those 10-dollar cheap-o umbrella strollers. It had no storage, no shade, it was clearly made for people under five feet tall or with very long arms, and it can’t have been comfortable. And out of necessity or laziness, that’s what we’ve been using (unless we’re jogging) for the last two years…enter the Chicco Echo!

First impressions of this stroller were good. It’s cute as strollers go – not too busy. Fabric is wipe-able and hasn’t gotten too dirty in a month and a half of what I would say is very heavy use. Oh, I should mention – this bad boy has been well tested. We’ve taken it to an airshow and on four airplane flights. It’s been sprinted across an airport, on gravel, grass, concrete, dirt…the works!

So without further ado – the pros and cons:


  1. Easy to assemble, clean lines, easy to clean fabric. This stroller looks nice!
  2. The handles are the right height for an average adult. Our cheapo umbrella stroller is so short that we have to bend down to push it.
  3. The seat is comfortable for my kiddo! It reclines when he wants to sleep and it’s vented so he never got sweaty. The sun-shade did a decent job of covering his whole body, and I liked that I could re-position it to move more forward or backward as needed.
  4. Pretty good storage for an umbrella stroller. The basket underneath the seat is deceptively big – we can fit a LOT of stuff in there. It also came with a cup holder…which was nice for as long as we had it (see CONS).
  5. The wheels swivel (really nice for shopping or anything where you need to be able to turn sharp corners) and they don’t lock up like cheap strollers do. They’re nice and big so it handles rough terrain better than a cheap stroller.


  1. After only a month and a half of use, I’m sad to say that there are some parts of the stroller that are already showing wear. The foam on the handles is already split, and the wheels – while nice and big – are a cheaper material so they’re also showing lots of wear, and not rolling as smoothly as they did when we first got the stroller. Disclaimer: Now, I did say we’ve used this stroller heavily in all types of environments, so this may not be the case for you if you’re just using it for light walking or shopping.  
  2. The clip on attachments (cup holder and sun shade) don’t stay put. The cup holder fell off and was lost soon after we got the stroller and the sunshade is forever coming un-clipped.
  3. While the stroller is low profile when folded, it’s not terribly easy to fold up. You have to pull up on one lever while you push down on the other. Difficult to do while you’re trying to wrangle a toddler. For that matter, unfolding it isn’t as easy as I’d like, either. Both require two hands.

All in all this is a solid investment if you’re looking for a middle of the line collapsible stroller. At $79 it’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive stroller of its kind on the market. I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons! The most important endorsement, however, has to be my two-and-a-half-year-old, who, after climbing in for the first time, sighed and said “I love my new green stroller!”

Did you know that Mama Say What?! turns TWO years old this month? We are so proud of our growing blog and can’t wait for many more years to come. We love reviewing and giving away products to our wonderful readers. We hope you enjoy this one as well!

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