Chicco KidFit Booster Seat

When my oldest son was approaching the height limit on his convertible car seats, my husband and I started looking at what was out there when it came to booster seats. Chicco KidFit Booster Seat 

We knew we wanted a seat that had side impact protection that was adjustable in height and we also wanted the ability to covert to a backless booster. I wanted to make sure the seat wasn’t super wide either since it would likely be installed right next to our younger son’s convertible car seat in at least one of our vehicles. A seat that was angled right so our son could still easily sleep in the car was desired too. Oh, and a cup holder was a must.

We were sent KidFit Booster to review from Chicco and it’s really been fantastic.

We already have booster seats from Recaro and Graco so it was fun to see what features were different with the Chicco.

First off, the Chicco has two LATCH connectors. Recaro boosters have one LATCH connector that secures the booster seat when there is no child sitting in it. This prevents the seat from becoming a projectile in the event of a crash. It is not meant to be a snug fit like you get with a convertible car seat.

Many other booster seats (like our Graco) have no LATCH connectors at all; the booster just rests on the seat and it’s up to us to secure it with the seat belt when our child isn’t riding in it. In all honesty, how many of us actually remember to do that??

On the Chicco there are legit LATCH connectors that secure the booster to the seat of the car. I honestly don’t know the details when it comes to crash testing and booster seats. All I know is that I feel more at ease knowing my son’s booster seat is securely attached to the seat. The tethers also keep the booster in the right position when my son moves in and out of the seat. This is really noticeable when he gets in and out of our SUV. The booster seat tends to shift all over the seat. 

There are plenty of height settings on this booster too, which hopefully means we will be able to keep using the seat for a long time. It’s also pretty cool that all of the padding in the back can be raised up versus just the head rest alone.

The shoulder belt guides on each side are designed in a way that prevents the seat belt from twisting or coming out of the guides. This is a somewhat common occurrence with our other booster seats. My son is old enough that he buckles himself into his seat, but it’s a little annoying for me to have to climb into the back of my minivan to fix the seat belt on his booster if it gets twisted. First world complaint, I know. But of course it only happens when we’re running late for something, right?

Also, he still falls asleep in the car quite often, and the angle of this seat seems to do well for him. It’s not nearly as reclined as his convertible car seat was, but it’s workable.

Overall we really like the KitFit Booster from Chicco. It’s at a competitive price point at $99 and really works for our family. Highly recommended!

Want to know more about when your child might be ready for a booster seat? The folks at Chicco created this handy infographic, check it out!
Booster Seat Safety

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