Chicco Nextfit Review

When my mother in law asked for my opinion on easy-to-install car seats that will work for both my daughter as well as my nephew, the Chicco Nextfit was on my short list of suggestions.

The Nextfit is truly an amazing seat. In fact, it’s wonderful enough that we want to get a second for my husband’s truck, instead of a another Pria 70

Chicco really hit the ball out of the park with this seat. The install is effortless and with the multitude of recline options (nine, though typically 1-3 are for rear-facing and 6-9 for forward-facing), it should install safely in virtually any car.

In my opinion, the color-coded forward and rear-facing instructions and seat stickers give the Nextfit a 10/10 for ease of use.

The no re-thread harness is easy to adjust, which, in my mother-in-law’s case, is ideal when two different sized children are using the same seat.

The deep sides provide extra side-impact protection, though it can make it difficult to get the child in and out of an SUV or truck if you are short.

The cup holder isn’t integrated and can be snapped on to either the left or right side, and the inner insert is removable for easy cleaning. 

The best part of the seat, in my opinion, is the SuperCinch, an “innovative force-multiplying technology that makes installation with LATCH so easy it can be done with one hand”. I was able to tighten it with one finger! It’s great and simple. The technology is based on the concept of a pulley, so the amount of force you need to get a nice and tight fit is very minimal. One tip though: tighten the traditional-style latch cinch (easily labeled ‘Pull 1st’) before you attach it to the anchor. Then tighten the SuperCinch (labeled ‘Pull 2nd’).

I was only able to identify one downside, and that was the fabric is very hot; it doesn’t breathe well. If you are in an SUV that has rear-seat air vents (as many three row vehicles do), I do not seeing the fabric being an issue. 

The Nextfit has been a great car seat for my in-laws, and I was very reluctant to give it back after completing my review!

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide if this car seat was worth the money, we are about to have to buy my 7 mo a convertible and there are SO many. Thanks for reviewing one I’ve had my eye on! :)

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