Christmas Pajama Tradition

In my family, since my siblings and I were little kids, we have never done a lot of big celebrations or partying on Christmas Eve. It’s always been a low-key, hang around the house, maybe drive around to look at some lights, kind of day.

One tradition that has been around for as long as I can remember has been opening one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve, just before bedtime. It was always a gift from our mama and it was almost always pajamas.

Sometimes they were holiday-themed, but as we got older, she bought themed-pajamas less and less. We always wore these pajamas to bed that night and lounged around in them for most of the day on Christmas day.

Even now that my siblings and I are all adults, my mama still continues this tradition. She even gets pajamas for my husband, the girlfriends of my two brothers, and my sister’s boyfriend.

Starting with TJ’s first Christmas, when he was only two months old, we have continued this tradition in our house too. Every year, he gets to open one present on Christmas Eve that’s from me and my husband. And it’s always a new set of pajamas.

First Christmas PJs

I’m really looking forward to this Christmas since this is the first year TJ is actually aware of Christmas and the celebration that comes with it.

I’m also looking forward to the new pajamas that I may be getting this year!


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  1. And I love the tea towels and use them occasionally. I don’t want them to get all stained so I only bring them out when I know they won’t get too dirty.
    Thanks Sweetheart!

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