Classic Must-Have Baby Registry List

Whether this is your first child or fourth, creating a baby registry can help streamline your wants and needs for your new little one. This list consists of the no-frills must-haves for our family, aside from the necessary items, such as a car seat and diapers.

  • A drying rack, maybe even two if you have the space. Between pump parts, pacis, bottles, and the occasional wine glass, you will use a drying rack for at least the first year, if not two.

  • A breast pump. Plus an extra set of parts and milk storage bags.

  • Waterproof mattress pads. Between 3 a.m. diaper leaks and spit-ups, you do not want to ruin your little ones mattress with smelly stains. I read an idea on Pinterest where you layer a mattress pad, fitted sheet, a second pad, and then second sheet. When the inevitable middle of the night bedding change needs to happen, all you do is remove the first two layers and you are good to go!
  • Crib sheets. Lots of crib sheets. Having a few extras means there is no bedtime scramble to get laundry done so your little one has dry sheets for the night.
  • Swaddles. Whether they are classic muslin or a zip-up style. Personally, we found that Velcro was too noisy and jarring for nighttime diaper changes.

  • A soft-structured baby carrier with an infant insert (if needed for that brand). Lillébaby, Beco, Tula, Ergo, Boba…the brands are endless, the benefits to baby wearing are endless, and the ability to use both of your hands while carrying your newborn is priceless.

  • A bouncer or swing. If possible, borrow different types from friends to see which one your baby prefers. We were lucky enough to borrow a 4Moms mamaRoo, which our daughter loved so much we will be getting one for number two!

  • A white noise machine. Life. Saver.We use a Sleep Sheep (great for travel!), however next time we will purchase a plug-in machine for the nursery.

  • Nursing pillow. As a first time mama, I preferred to use a My Breast Friend (and brought it to the hospital). Eventually I switched to a Boppy (and actually still use it when we are home, 17 months later!). Don’t forget to include a spare cover too.

  • A mesh, sling-style, hammock for the bathtub. We tried a Puj (foldable foam in-sink style), but we only used it once. The in-tub sling allowed us to keep Elizabeth covered in water up to her chest, which she seemed to prefer.
  • Bibs and burp cloths. You can literally never have too many.
  • A video baby monitor. We still use ours, and it’s a lifesaver for both sleep-training (is she crying because her arm is stuck or she spit up, or is she just trying to fall back asleep?) and keeping an eye on our toddler who is currently boycotting sleeping through the night.

What is/was on your registry list? What do you wish you had registered for?
What did you end up not using?

6 Responses to Classic Must-Have Baby Registry List

  1. These are fantastic! I wish I had known about the Fisher Price Rock n Play when my oldest was a newborn. He hated sleeping on his back and was kind of eh about the baby swing. The Rock n Play would have been ideal for him with its incline and “snug” feeling for the baby.

    For really inexpensive burp cloths, we love plain old Gerber cloth diapers. They are inexpensive and last forever!

    And I’m lost without my baby carriers… yes, plural! :-)

  2. The white noise machine really helped us when it came to establishing a bed time routine.

  3. My must-haves are: baby carrier(s), swaddles, and I really liked my Boppy for when I was just holding my babies.

  4. It is useful to see from parents what items are a must have and which are not so important. As a soon to be mom, I don’t want a lot of clutter, and would prefer to just put the necessities on the baby registry. The only other thing I’d add would be a really good jogging stroller.

  5. Totally agree with a white noise machine, we still use it!

  6. I don’t really agree with a few things on this list. You don’t NEED a breast pump or a Boppy if you aren’t breast feeding. Even a white noise machine isn’t a necessity. My son never used his Sleep Sheep and it was a waste of money. I would have put a car seat and stroller on the list along with the baby carrier. And the one item my husband and I buy for all new parents we know if the Fisher Price Rock n Play. This is such a versatile baby item. It is so light you can take it anywhere in the house or easily travel with it instead of a pack n play..

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