Counting and Sorting Fun

On N’s first Christmas he was gifted a super cute baseball-themed piggy bank. He was so excited, even though he had no clue what it was used for. Over that first year of having it, we filled it up pretty well. Whenever grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends come over, N gets some “piggies” out of them to add to his stash. He loves adding piggies to his piggy bank and always gives his piggy bank a hug and kiss before it goes back to the shelf.

His piggy bank got so full by the following Christmas my husband and I emptied it out, sorted, counted, rolled the coins and took them, and any bills, to the bank for N’s account. He had a good little stash in there. Then we started it all over.

This past Christmas season we did the same thing, but since N was closer to three, we thought it could be a good opportunity for him to help out (especially because he LOVES to be a helper right now). We also thought it could be a good learning activity too. He hates to practice counting or his numbers just randomly (or with Mama). But if we have made it into a game and something fun, he is all over it.

He and Daddy sat down at a table and dumped a whole lot of coins out of his piggy bank and started sorting. I, of course, was behind the lens to take some photos, but then got in on the action too. Once we had the coins all sorted, we started counting them and putting them in stacks to put into the wrappers (Daddy did the wrapping).

N had so much fun, and loved getting to play with his “piggies” again. This will definitely become an annual (or maybe bi-annual) activity, depending on how much he can con out of his grandparents. 


What fun activities do you do with your little ones that encourage learning at the same time?


Counting and Sorting Fun

2 Responses to Counting and Sorting Fun

  1. My son loves everything BOOKS and reading related! So that’s our go-to fun and educational activity. He also enjoys puzzles. I think money is quite a ways away for us - pretty much everything is still going in his mouth these days.

  2. TJ’s piggy bank is awfully full, I think it’s time we all sit down and count what’s inside. Great post!

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