Counting Money, Building Relationships

Finding quality time to spend together with my husband, with his crazy work schedule and our almost one-year-old walking wild child, is difficult.

However, it is important!

Last night after I put the baby down to bed, my husband and I could have fallen into our usual routine of laying in bed and watching a recorded show. I love time together like that, but we don’t get to really talk and connect.

Last night, though, we switched it up a little bit and my husband got out all of the spare change we had saved in jars and some paper rolls.

We sat there for 30 minutes rolling change and talking. We got to spend quality time with one another without just sitting there feeling like there were a million other chores to do. My husband loved hearing about my day and I loved having an adult to share it with.

Half way through, he told me he wanted to take this money and use it to go out on a special date.

I loved that and it made me want to count faster. It is these little moments with my husband that I live for and now, we have turned one date into two. So I will continue to build up my change jar and look forward to the next evening of quarters, dimes and nickles.

Make your own little moments; they are the best!
How do you spend little bits of quality time with your spouse or partner? 


4 Responses to Counting Money, Building Relationships

  1. That’s great! I hope you had a lovely date night too! It’s definitely the little moments that mean a lot!

  2. Love this story. My husband and I do puzzles every now and then, and we always end up having a lot of fun just spending time together.

  3. Awesome idea!!!

  4. What a sweet idea! My husband and I usually get some time together alone after we drop the kids at daycare and school. It’s the best part of my day those 15 mins we get to spend over coffee.

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