Crayola Color Wonder Paints and Markers Review

My two-year-old daughter is a little artist. She loves to color, draw and paint any chance she gets. The only problem is that I worry about the mess. I worry that she’ll accidentally color on my table or the chairs, or the wall (which has happened before). So when I found out that Crayola had a no-mess product, I had to try it. We bought the Color Wonder paints and markers, as well as the special paper.

The paint is a clear gel, and when it goes onto the special paper, the color appears. Each color is labeled on the top, so you know if it will be pink, blue, green, etc. My daughter prefers to dip her paint brush in each paint before actually painting it onto the paper, though, sometimes making it a brown-tinted rainbow. I discouraged that at first, but then I thought, she’s young and she’s having fun, so have at it!

After the paint turned out to be such a hit, we decided to try out the markers. They turned out to be just as amazing. She likes to draw circles with them, lots and lots of circles. Sometimes she’ll ask me to draw with her. It’s fun watching the colors appear on the paper, considering the tip of the marker is white. It’s like magic!

I did notice too that Crayola has a whole Color Wonder line. They have finger paints, a lap desk, a tabletop easel, learning books metallic or glitter pages, and coloring pages with images of Disney Princesses and scenes from the movie Cars, among other things.

The big question: are they really mess-free? Well, yes and no. The paper that we got is a booklet of blank pages. When your child doesn’t want to tear the pages out and instead closes the book while the paint is still wet, it does make the book a little messy. But when she accidentally paints on the kitchen counter, no mess! No mess on her clothes either.

Now, the age listed is a little older than what my daughter is, but I also know her maturity level as far as if I know it’s something she’d be okay with. You know your child best and you’ll know if this would be a product they’d be able to use before the suggested age on the package.

If it keeps my daughter entertained and busy, and mess-free at the same time, it’s a big thumbs up from me!

Where I bought mine: Walmart
What I paid: I think each item I purchased were $5 or less
Where it’s available: Walmart, Kmart, Target, Amazon

2 Responses to Crayola Color Wonder Paints and Markers Review

  1. We have some Color Wonder products in our house, too, and LOVE them! Gonna have to try the paints.

  2. Such a wonderful artist. Masterpieces.

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