C’s “Candy Land” First Birthday Party

As a little girl, I spent hours playing “Candy Land.” I loved that game growing up and my five-year-old daughter and I play it weekly. When I found out that mama, Cassie, threw her beautiful daughter, C, a “Candy Land” themed birthday party, I knew that I HAD to feature it in our party section here at Mama Say What?!

Cassie did not let me down. C’s “Candy Land” party turned out spectacular. The DIY features are awesome and make the party super fun. The smash cake is adorable (Cassie made that too) but not as adorable as the star attraction, little C herself.

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

I was browsing on Pinterest and saw a pin featuring a photo of some décor from a little girl’s “Candy Land” themed birthday party. This party was centered around the board game “Candy Land,” but since my daughter would be too young to play board games, I decided to go with a similar theme— also “Candy Land” but focused on sweets and treats.

I started searching “candy themed party” on Pinterest and Google and found lots of blogs with décor, food and other party ideas for a candy themed party. I decided on a color scheme of blue, purple and pink and took it from there!

What is one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

I’m most proud of all the DIY elements of the party.

For weeks ahead of time, my husband and I would sit down after C’s bedtime and make our DIY décor.

We made giant lollipops out of colorful paper plates, cellophane and balloon sticks, which we hung up on the walls in our house and on the staircase. We also made giant lollipops out of balloons and cellophane, which we stuck in the grass and dirt walkway up to our front door.

We spent a while working on a giant sign to place outside as well. The sign looked just like a giant version of the birthday invitation I had created, but instead of the time date and place, there was a big arrow pointing to “C’s Candy Land.”

Our guests all commented on the giant ceiling tent inside, too— I have to give credit to my husband for that one. On our living room ceiling, he hung up eight long paper/plastic tablecloths in a tented fashion, and then secured a big bunch of multi-colored balloons right in the center. It had a great effect and really looked awesome.

I also DIYed the cakes, and I’m very proud of C’s smash cake. It took a few trial cakes to get the icing to look just how I wanted, but it was worth it. (And my husband’s colleagues had no problem being my cake testers for those!). I created a giant blue and pink cupcake made of white cake with a thin layer of vanilla pudding in the middle. It looked really cute and C seemed to think it tasted delicious.

One more thing I’m very proud of is a book we made that doubled as a party guest book. During C’s first year, each week we would take a photo of her in the same plain white onesie, lying on a different patterned fabric. Before the party, I compiled all those photos into a book and added a few additional blank pages in the back where guests could sign and leave well-wishes. I’m so glad I did this and now we’ll have the book as a keepsake as well.

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? And what did you like about them?
My husband and I did most everything ourselves. We did use a handful of vendors, though.

We ordered a special “Candy Land” birthday tutu in C’s party colors from Posh Pinks Tutu Boutique on Etsy. While the tutu was adorable, fit perfectly and seemed a very good quality, the waistband bow was supposed to double as a hair bow but the seller didn’t make it correctly. Also, the production plus shipping time was unacceptable. We were lucky enough to have had it arrive the morning of the party, but could very well have had it arrive a day late. It should have arrived much earlier, as I had ordered it seven weeks in advance.

We also had one-year photos and cake smash photos done by Kay of Kay Rogge Foto Design. He was excellent to work with, very friendly and the photos turned out excellent. I highly recommend his work to anyone in the area needing a photographer and we plan to use him again in the future!

Image by Kay Rogge Foto Design

Image by Kay Rogge Photo Design

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

I think my favorite part of the party was when everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to my little girl and we blew out the candles on her cake. She was definitely a bit confused, but she absolutely loved the attention. It was a lot of fun to watch!

What was your birthday girl’s favorite part?

Hands down, her favorite part was her cake smash! She loved that everyone was focusing on her and she had so much fun delving into her giant cupcake. She made a big mess and ate a ton of frosting as well as a few good-sized chunks of cake. It was a blast!

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

Things might not go exactly according to plan, but they will work out well! For example, we bought groceries to make a ton more food than actually ended up being placed out on the table. Still, the table was full and everyone ate and everyone was happy. It was a candy themed party and silly me forgot to put out the bowls of candy! No one noticed, though, and we had candy to eat for weeks afterward…

Also, focus on your little one enjoying everything going on around them.

It was awesome to watch C at the different stages of her party—first she was hesitant and confused, then a bit overwhelmed, then really excited and by the end of the party she was having a blast. I’m thrilled I was able to experience every moment with her and enjoy watching her enjoy it.

One more piece of advice— take just a moment for yourself. Take a second to look at everything going on around you and be proud that you pulled it all off. Be proud, also, that you and your husband did an awesome job of raising a very cool little guy or girl this last year.

Budget: About $200 on the actual party, not including photo shoot.


Our photography was done by Kay Rogge Foto Design
C’s tutu was purchased at Posh Pinks Tutus on Etsy
We bought party supplies from party-discount.de
We made C’s photo guest book at albelli.co.uk


7 Responses to C’s “Candy Land” First Birthday Party

  1. Looks like it was a fantastic party! Great job mama!

  2. I love the sidewalk lined with the balloon lollypops!

  3. Mamanatural (facebook) sent me over to the BECO giveaway, and I’m browsing through your posts, to find this one! HOW CUTE! My son, Tate, is turning one January 18th, and we are thinking about theming it as well! This is very well done!

    • Thank you! Really nice to hear you like it!! I hope Tate has an awesome birthday, let us know if you use MSW as inspiration. :)

  4. Soooo cute! I love the fabric drape and balloons on the ceiling. We did something similar for DD’s 1st birthday. We had stars in a rainbow of neon colors for our theme.

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  6. Natasha Rodriguez Reply

    I love this theme! I will have to borrow some of your ideas!

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