C’s Favorite Children’s Books- Age 19 Months

My little girl loves reading.

Cuddling up in the rocking chair and reading a few books before bedtime is a favorite part of our daily routine. Now that C is a little bit older, she also loves to “read” to me throughout the day as well.

While her favorite book changes every month or so, there are a few that have never even begun to collect dust on the shelf. These are generally the books my husband and I go out and actually buy because we’ve renewed them at the library too many times.

We were so lucky to receive a lot of books at my baby shower when I was pregnant— my genius mother and girlfriends asked all the shower guests to bring a signed baby book instead of a card.

And thus, C’s library was started.

These are a few of the books that just don’t get put away in our house:

Hooray For Fish by Lucy Cousins At the moment (C is currently 18 months old), this is her all-time favorite book. I believe this book is what sparked C’s love of fish. The reader goes with “Little Fish” on a tour of the sea to meet all his fishy friends. There is spotty fish and stripy fish, twin fin-fin fish, ele-fish (who looks like an elephant), shelly-fish, curly whirly and twisty twirly, among so many more. C also loves the ending, where Little Fish finally finds his mum and they “kiss kiss kiss, hooray for fish!” There are a couple of pages entirely filled with pictures of all the fish, and each time we read this book (multiple times a day) we each choose which one is our favorite. The illustrations are fabulous as well— big and brightly colored.

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney I’m glad this is one of C’s favorite books because her daddy and I both love it as well and rarely tire of reading it. This was one of the first non-board-books that my daughter would sit through the entire thing and ask for more, so I’d say it’s a really good story for all ages. It’s a great book to read-aloud to your little one because it has a wonderful rhyme to it— and it’s not too rhyme-y like some kids’ books. We use different tones and inflections throughout the book based on Baby Llama’s emotion, and C likes to join in where she can. At the moment, C is probably too young to understand the message, but I imagine that older kids will be able to relate to Baby Llama worrying that Mama Llama isn’t coming back. As a parent, I love that “Mama Llama is always near, even if she’s not right here.” I also like that key emotion words, like “worry” and “fret” are written in bold and stand out.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell A simple lift-the-flap book, Dear Zoo is really entertaining. C loves opening the “package” the zoo sends on each page to discover what animal is inside and making noises for the animals. The illustrations are key in this book. C really likes that the giraffe is too tall for his crate and sticks his head out of the top, and she likes that the monkey is eating a banana inside his. She can relate, I think, to the ending where the perfect pet is a dog, because she completely adores our pet dog. I’d like to think it helps her to understand what animals belong in the house as pets and which animals are better to stay at the zoo.

Little Green by Keith Baker C loves this book because of the movement words. A little boy sits at his window and watches “Little Green,” a hummingbird, fly around the yard in different patterns, (zigging zagging, down up down, looping in a curly cue, hovering up in the air, etc.). At the end, you see that the little boy painted all the movement patterns— C likes this page and uses her finger to follow all the patterns the bird made.

I Love You, Every Little Bit by Margaret Wang I’ll admit that this is one of my favorite of C’s books. When she was too little to choose her own books (or object to my choices!), I’d read this one to her just about every day. The story is so sweet. In this book, mama and daddy animals tell their babies what they love about them, from their “tiny little toes” to their “soft and squishy nose.” C and I both enjoy when I point out all the parts on her body as we read them in the book. It ends with, “I love you, every little bit!” Now that she’s older, C really likes seeing the pop-out animals on each page and making their animal sounds. I personally think this is a great book for all-aged little ones and would make a great gift for a new mom at a baby shower as well as a gift for a two- or three-year-old.

Pat Them Gently by Melanie O’Brien This book is probably one of the simplest in C’s book collection. It’s a basic board book with just a few pages. C adores it, I think because of the simple words and the big illustrations. She loves cats and dogs and this book has a cat or a dog on every page. It teaches children to “pat them gently” and not to run at or scare animals. It’s an added fun bonus for C that one of the dogs in the book looks like our dog Sadie!

What are your toddler’s favorite books?? Comment below!

9 Responses to C’s Favorite Children’s Books- Age 19 Months

  1. I can’t wait to find these at our local library. We have a fish-lover too =) And I can’t tell you how many times we’ve read Llama Llama… There’s a super short Llama Llama Hoppity Hop book too that DD looooves. It drives me crazy because it’s way too short and she asks for more as soon as your done. We’ve at least turned it into a little dance to make it a little more fun… Llama llama hop, llama llama jump, llama llama red pajama thump thump thump… right up there with Baby Signing time for brain-burning tunes…

  2. I love it, we will have to check some of these out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have already ordered some of these books even though our daughter is only 9 weeks!! I love reviews from other moms. Thanks!!

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