Cutting a Watermelon

I feel silly writing an article about how I cut a watermelon. Last summer when my husband saw me cut a watermelon this way, he looked at me funny, wondering what the heck I was doing. I guess he’d never watched me cut a watermelon in the 15 years we’ve been together.

When I picked up the pieces and gave them to our son he said, “that is genius! You need to post that!”

I highly doubt I’m the first mama to cut a watermelon like this. I shook it off thinking, who’s going to want to read an article about cutting watermelon?

Then my friend Cari H. sent me this article that she found on Pinterest and then she also suggested I write about how I cut too. I don’t claim to know how to pick a stellar watermelon, and I really love the advice that they suggest on picking one. I have been following it since she sent me the link. But I guess my cutting method makes for easy eating, especially for little ones.

If you have a giant watermelon, I suggest cutting yours the way Fifteen Spatulas did. If you have a medium-sized watermelon or one of those mini watermelons, then give this method a shot.

Step 1:
Cut the watermelon in half.

Step 2:
Take one half and place it cut side down. Cut it into sections approximately 1 to 1.5 inches thick.

Step 3:
Rotate the melon 90° and repeat, creating 1 inch squares in the skin.

Step 4:
Toss the end pieces that are mostly or all skin and rind. Then pick up the pieces and eat.

Step 5:

I’ll be honest that a photo of a kid biting into a giant wedge of watermelon makes for a cuter photo, but this method seems to create less of a mess and is easy for little fingers to pick up and eat with out leaving a lot of waste behind.

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  1. I am one of those weird people that likes to watch videos of how people cut things up…this is definitely up my alley :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is brilliant!!

  3. Yep! I still think it’s brilliant. I need to work on my skills for this because I am still not as good as you. LOL

  4. And you thought nobody would want to know that? Genius! Makes good sense. I live in luling Texas, home of the giant watermelon thump festival. People here go crazy for their watermelon. Perfect for picnics

  5. Genius!

  6. I cant wait to try this!

  7. This makes so much sense - and makes cutting a watermelon much less intimidating! I love the taste, but hate the mess! Definitely trying this out!

  8. I love it! Certainly easier than the way I’ve been cutting them :)

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  10. This is an awesome idea. Will try this out the next time. I agree this needed to be posted.

  11. love this and thanks for sharing!

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  13. Love the tip on cutting a watermelon! Thanks for letting us in on the great easy and not so messy way to cut a watermelon. I have several small Grandchildren and Great-Grandkids and this will be so helpful for me. Thanks again, Glenda straw

  14. This is just TOO cute and so practical! Thanks for writing about it - I’m off to share it everywhere! :) LOL

  15. basically how i do it but I then cut rind end of and cube. what would be fun is try to grow your own watermelon in a solid box ,so its square. then their is no blind empty corners to toss!

  16. I Iove this idea. it would cut down on the mess!!! I am differently going to try this one!

  17. MMMMM……..thats the way I cut an onion ! great idea to do it on a watermelon too !

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  19. This is a great idea! I am definitely going to try this the next time I cut up a watermelon.

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  21. Wow very clever idea especially for the kids,well no actually would be great at a gathering nice and neat.

  22. I’m glad I read this because it’s so much easier than the way I’ve been doing it!

  23. This is brilliant! This makes me want to go to the store to get a watermelon right now to try this!

  24. I am all for the simple things in life.
    You should never feel silly about things that make life a joy (And making one’s life alot easier when it comes to feeding adults too). Thank you for sharing. Works very well for those smaller melons. Might have to cut thicker pieces for the larger melons. Just a lovely idea!
    Barbara Giacometti
    Sunday at the Giacometti’s

  25. I have never seen a watermelon cut like this. I always have someone else cut the watermelon. I’m afraid to mess it up cause I’m not that great with cutting. This looks so simple that I think I’ll give it a try next time.

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  27. What an awesome idea!!! Good on your hubby for encouraging you to share with us.
    Thanks Alex can’t wait to use your way next time.
    Liz xo

  28. That’s exactly how I do it, except after cutting the watermelon in half I sort-of “carve” the rind off, before chopping it like you into those long “fingers”. People think it’s amazing, lol. I’m just too lazy to cube and wedges are so messy!

  29. Your husband was right! Thanks to the both of you. I now have 6 grandbabies and this will be so much easier then big slices dripping all over.

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  31. Brilliant! Did this today for my daughter’s cross country team. Love it!

  32. I agree that everyone must think, “well who would be interested in that”, or “everybody knows that” mentality. But it’s just not true. What is common place to you is a WOW moment (or in my case a, “duh, why didn’t i think of that” moment), to someone else. Keep posting those amazing ideas! And thanks for this one!

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  35. Oh this makes SO MUCH SENSE! It is going to be perfect for serving at my Bunco party. SUCH a hoot n hollering will go on when they see this! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  37. You know how you can get stuck doing something the same old way because you just never thought about trying something new? This is that moment for me! I would never have thought to do this and my goodness!! It is quicker, cleaner and easier than wedges. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  38. This is great for old and/or disabled. Thanks

  39. So gonna use this watermelon cut on my sons birthday party for his fruit cups.

  40. Where were you with this revelation when my children were little? Ah well, I can still impress them. My husband will like this, too. Wonderful idea.

  41. These are great for freezing too! Watermelon pops!

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  45. How to choose an amazing water melon is simple. Hold the melon up to your ear. Or if melon is large put your head to the melon… Then knock gently on the melon. A great melon will ring hollow. Try it and you will hear what I mean. My mum taught me this trick when I was a girl and it works every time!

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  47. Wow !! thats sooooooooo neat, I wonder if it will work with Cantaloupe, must try it !!!

  48. THANK YOU!

  49. Me encanto el articulo :-)

  50. Very amazing

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  55. I was hoping it find out how to cut watermelon so it would look nice on a Christmas fruit platter. All the other ways don’t look attractive, even melon balls are messy. I love how the two colours complement each other, the green of the skin and the pink of the melon. I’m definitely doing this for Christmas this year. Thanks for posting

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  58. omg this was the best idea ever ty

  59. I just love this!!! Can’t believe I have not come across anyone that has done this before in my life. I have three boy’s and of course they will always find a way to be messy, but this trick will keep that mess a bit less..messy! I can’t wait to try it this summer thank you for sharing this.

  60. I can see where this is great for cutting a round melon. What about the oblong watermelons? We have more of those (oblong) in our area in grocery stores and farmers markets. The oblong melons are really tricky - do you have any hints on cutting those? I messed up many a melon in my day!!

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  68. You are a genius! I am going to try this at our 4th of July cookout!

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  70. What a great idea! We will have to try this next time because the wedges just make a mess everywhere!

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  78. I cut watermelon like this all the time only inside the rind. I cut it in half, cut parallel lines one way an inch apart, then turn it and do parallel lines the opposite way. Then I cut around the parameter stopping inside of the rind as deep as possible. This loosens the watermelon from the rind and I cut along the bottom to completely free it. I store the chunks in the frig for a cold snack whenever I want and toss the rind. There’s nothing like cold sweet watermelon.

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