Deuter Junior Backpack

Deuter is a brand well known for backpacks and framed baby carriers that are great for hiking, camping, and backpacking. We picked up the Deuter Junior Backpack when we were looking for a kid-sized backpack for my kids, intending to use it for hiking and camping, but we wanted it to also be big enough to hold standard-sized school folders and notebooks in case my 2nd grader wanted to use it for school. It was surprising how many kids backpacks we saw in stores were too small to hold school folders.

I love the bright colors available for the Junior Backpack and that it comes with the durability that I’ve come to love from Deuter.

The design is really simple. It has a big pocket that cinches closed with a drawstring and then it has a flap that covers it to keep stuff from falling out. There are pockets on both sides to hold water bottles or sippy cups, and the straps and back of the bag have mesh to make them a little more breathable in warm weather. That feature is quite handy on warm, summer hikes. There’s also a chest clip on the straps for a little extra support and D-rings at the top that are perfect for clipping extras on. My oldest can attach his bicycle helmet to those D-ring with a couple of carabiners, which he loves.

There are little zipper pockets on the flap and the bottom portion of the bag. My seven-year-old wears this backpack when we go hiking and it’s his responsibility to carry our snacks and some of our water. Having two pockets for water bottles means his three-year-old brother can have his own bottle. This is very important for my threenager.

This backpack has also been with us when traveling by air a couple of times. It fits my son’s travel booster seat, his beloved blanket, a couple of books, spare clothes, and the zipper pockets on the front are perfect for storing his ear buds and iPad charging cable so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the big pouch.

The best thing I love about the Deuter Junior Backpack is its size. It’s small enough that both my three-year-old and my seven-year-old can wear it comfortably, and if needed, I can even wear this backpack. And it’s comfortable! It’s really a fantastic backpack and highly recommended.

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