DIY Butterfly Art

My almost-two-year-old’s big girl room is butterfly themed— she adores all things butterflies. When I saw this pin, I had to recreate this beautiful DIY art for her bedroom.

This craft is pretty toddler-friendly; C helped me with everything except gluing the fragile butterflies onto the canvas, which I did during her nap time (with her baby brother on my lap! It’s baby-friendly too.)

We love the way this turned out. The watercolor-painted butterflies are beautiful and each one is unique!

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 canvases
  • white paper
  • watercolor paint
  • fingerpaint or acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • a butterfly punch
  • glue


First, have your little one paint a white piece of paper in watercolor. Make sure every inch of white space is covered! No rhyme or reason… just have fun with it! Let it dry completely (we dried it overnight).

Choose what color you want your canvases and paint them with acrylic paint or fingerpaint. (Fingerpaint is what we had on hand!) We chose a sky blue and a sunshine yellow. We painted the sides of the canvas as well. We also let these dry overnight.

Grab your butterfly punch and stamp out as many butterflies as you can from the paper you painted with watercolors. We got wayyy more than we needed from one piece of paper. We used Martha Stewart’s butterfly punch.

Once the canvases are dry, arrange the butterflies how you’d like them on each canvas. 

Take a butterfly and pinch the wings lightly. Place just a small dot of glue on the butterfly’s body. Place the butterfly onto the canvas.

We placed the butterflies to look like they’re all flying to the left, but pointed a few to the right and a few straight to make it look like they’re fluttering. I love this effect!

Enjoy your custom, DIY butterfly art!

Isn’t it lovely?!

5 Responses to DIY Butterfly Art

  1. What a wonderful and fun activity to do with your kiddo! And it’s so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. My daughter would love that!

  3. love this craft, would love to try it one day if we ever have a little girl, although knowing my craft skills it could end up on pinstrosity :)

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  5. Anna Deslauriers Reply

    Love this— can’t wait to decorate our nursery with these if we have a girl!

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