DIY Cookies for Santa Plate

I love the idea of personalizing things. It doesn’t matter what it is: clothes, dishes, etc. And to be able to do it yourself is even better. This year will be the first year we will be putting out cookies for Santa. Emma is almost two years old, so she’s starting to understand a little more about Christmas, so it’s something new and exciting for all of us!

I saw some adorable cookie plates in stores, but when I saw a few pins on Pinterest about personalizing your own plate, I had to at least attempt it.

I took a trip to the Dollar Tree and found a plain white plate for a dollar. When choosing your plate, make sure it’s oven-proof! I then ran over to Walmart and found some red and green Sharpie markers. There has been speculation on whether or not dishes decorated with Sharpie markers are safe for eating off of. I do not personally plan on eating off of this plate - it’s for Santa’s cookies. I wouldn’t recommend eating off of them. If you want to decorate a plate that you can eat off of, I recommend purchasing the special markers that are food-safe.

I washed my plate first, just to get any dirt off of it. I then took a pencil and drew out my design (use pencil first, it’s easy to wipe off!). Really, all I did was write “Cookies for Santa” and “Love, Emma and Matthew” on it. After that was all in place, I went over it with my red and green Sharpies. I free-handed some little polka-dots around the edge (they’re simple enough, you can’t really mess those up!). If you do mess anything up, this is the time to “erase” it. You can use soap and water, it will scrub off fairly easily.

Once you’re done with your masterpiece, bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit. Once the 30 minutes were up, I turned off the oven but left my plate in there until it was cooled.


I have not used my plate yet, but I did hand-wash it with a soft cloth and mild soap and it seemed to hold up pretty well. There was a little pinkness on the cloth (from the red writing). I don’t recommend scrubbing, nor do I recommend putting it through the dishwasher. I wrote it on the bottom of my plate, too, as a reminder. I definitely recommend washing it before using it, though.

You can be so creative with this project, too. You can decorate all sorts of dishes and there are all sorts of uses for them. Food-safe plates can be used as dinnerware or a great way to deliver your Christmas treats to the neighbors. You can display them in your home or have your children decorate them as gifts for Mama or Dad. Use your imagination. If you don’t feel that your piece is safe to eat off of, just make sure to note it on the bottom and let the recipient know (if it’s a gift).

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  1. Love this!!!

  2. So cute!!! Love this idea!!!

  3. Cute. Love it.

  4. I love this idea! That is so cute.

  5. Such a cute idea! I will definitely be doing this when my little one is old to enough to appreciate it. :) Thanks for sharing!

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