DIY Emergency Car Seat Labels (Free Download!)

I’m sure any mama who surfs Pinterest has seen this idea floating around. It’s kind of one of those “duh!” concepts that makes total sense: a label stuck on your child’s car seat listing emergency information including their name, birthdate, emergency contacts and allergies. This way, emergency responders are better prepared and know who to contact in the event your child is in a car accident and a parent isn’t with them or the parent is unresponsive.

Great idea, right!?

Here at Mama Say What?! we’ve created a free download for our readers to use that includes some information we thought was important, birthdate, blood type, emergency contacts and any medications, conditions or allergies. These are set up so you can fill in the information one of two ways:

1. Open the file with Adobe Reader (a free download from Adobe) and type in your child’s information. Then print onto sticky labels or plain paper and adhere to all of your car seats. If you’re printing these on plain paper, then simply cover them with clear packing tape for a waterproof cover.


2. Simply print onto sticky labels or plain paper and write in your child’s information. Then, adhere to all of your car seats.

These can be printed onto Avery 3 1/3 x 4 (#8164) shipping labels if you’d like to go with pre-cut labels.

When I printed them for my own car seats, I already had some full-sheet sticker paper. So I filled in my son’s emergency information, printed them out and stuck them onto our two car seats. Once my second baby is born, I plan to do the same for his infant car seat.

Click HERE to download the file.

Stay safe mamas!

10 Responses to DIY Emergency Car Seat Labels (Free Download!)

  1. What a great idea - thank you for sharing and keeping our little ones safe!

  2. What an awesome idea!!!! I plan to talk aboutthis to all my friends with grandchildren and kids.

  3. This is so fantastic. Thanks for making this a free download.

  4. Love this! I just filled one out for my daughter’s seat and will be printing it shortly!

  5. I love this. Sadly, never really thought about it before

  6. This is such a great idea, everyone should be doing this! Definitely will do.

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  10. Thank you for the high quality, free download!!!

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