DIY Gender Reveal M&M Cake

I love to bake and decorate cakes and I love surprises. I would have been all over a gender reveal cake when I found out I was having my first boy in 2010. Alas, Pinterest was still in its infancy and I had only vaguely heard about gender reveal cakes, or gender reveal parties at all. 

When I became pregnant again in 2012, I knew all about gender reveal parties but had the energy of a salted slug, thanks to a newly-walking toddler and particularly bad case of “all day” sickness. So when my sister-in-law announced her pregnancy earlier this year, I knew this was my chance to throw for someone else the gender reveal party that I always wanted.

I floated the idea by my sister in law, who readily agreed. She also agreed to something that I think I never would: she wanted to be surprised along with everyone else at the party. This meant that I alone would know the gender of the baby for a day or two, even before her and my brother-in-law. (I almost went mad with power at that thought. I tried to rein it in though. There were only a few bouts of maniacal laughter.)

The day came when she delivered a sealed envelope to me. Her ultrasound tech had placed the scan that revealed the sex of the baby in it and I opened it eagerly: it was a boy! I was overjoyed at this news: her newbie would be joining his older brother, and my two sons. I loved the idea of all four boys growing up together.

I had seen candy reveal cakes on Pinterest and even on a Betty Crocker box. This is a cake where, when you cut it, colored candy spills out everywhere. My husband was pulling for this idea (I think he wanted the leftover candy) so I decided to make this type.

I also made a banner that said “It’s a…” to put on top of the cake.

I baked and assembled the cake while my husband was at work and the baby was napping, so only my older son saw the candy I put in the cake. When I frosted the cake, there was no hint at the color inside. Perfect! This was especially wonderful, because my mother-in-law, husband and even my mother were trying to suss out my secret. They were searching for the answer in my facial expressions… and searching for traces of food coloring in my kitchen. This gender reveal cake is perfect for those nosy guests.

On the day of the party, our family was there along with my brother in law’s family. My sister in law cut into the cake and the candies poured out to the sound of cheers. The parents-to-be were overjoyed! I think the news of their new little boy was the source of this joy, but I like to think the cake had a little something to do with it too…

Gender Reveal Banner


  • Scrapbook paper in various colors
  • Letter stickers
  • String
  • Wooden skewers
  • Mini clothespins (available at most craft stores)
  • Glue


Cut a one inch long triangle out of one piece of scrapbook paper. Use this triangle as a template to cut 6 more triangles out of different pieces of scrapbook paper. Use the letter stickers to spell out “It’s a” on four of the triangles. Attach the triangles onto the string using the mini clothespins. Use the blank triangles on either side and in the middle of the words. Attach each end of the string to a skewer. Apply a dot of glue where the string meets the skewer for added security.

Gender Reveal Candy Cake


  • Two 8-inch cake pans
  • Two boxes of white cake mix (No one ever got an award for making their own cake. Go easy on yourself.)
  • Ingredients for the box cake (usually eggs, oil and water)
  • 2 cans of white frosting
  • 1 lb of blue or pink candies (I found mine at a party store. They were Sixlet’s brand, which were about a third of the price of a fancier candy-coated chocolate that shall remain nameless…)
  • blue or pink sprinkles


  1. You need to make a rather tall cake, so you will be making four layers of cake. This will necessitate two boxes of cake mix (each one makes 2 layers). I mixed all the ingredients together at once to save time. 
  2. Halve the mixture and fill two greased 8-inch round cake pans.
  3. Bake according to box directions.
  4. Take out cakes and place on cooling rack. Fill pans again with the remaining mixture to make two more layers.
  5. When layers have COMPLETELY cooled (this is very important because you are filling the cake with very meltable chocolate candy!) cut the domes off the top of the cakes to make flat layers. You can use a serrated knife or wire cake cutter.
  6. Eat the domes. They are a delicious treat for the baker.
  7. Frost the bottom layer of cake and place the other on top. Repeat with another layer. Frost the top of this too.
  8. When you have three layers completed, use a knife to cut a smaller circle in the center of the cake. Leaving the bottom layer intact, scoop out the middle of the center layers to create a candy receptacle.
  9. You should probably eat this part too, if you are not already full from the domes.
  10. Fill the cake with candy all the way to the top of layer. Then add sprinkles to fill in the gaps.
  11. Place the final layer on the cake.
  12. Frost the entire cake with the white frosting. I used a basket weave tip and technique, but you can look up any number of frosting techniques on YouTube, or just make some knife swirls and call it a day.
  13. Add your banner and you’re done!

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  1. Step 6: hahahha! Love it!

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