DIY Holiday Gift Round-Up

Here on Mama Say What?!, we’ve shared a handful of DIY activities since our launch. Many of these would make excellent do-it-yourself holiday gifts this year.

Click on the title of each gift idea to read the post on how to make them. Check them out!

Cassie’s DIY “I Am Loved” Photo Book

Any young babies or toddlers on your gift list this year? How about one of these wonderful photo books? Fill the book with photos of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends and even beloved pets. A friend of mine even included a photo of her child’s adored plush bunny. It’s a great way for a baby to learn the faces of loved ones, including loved ones whom they may not get to see very often. As a child gets older, it can be a great way for them to see how to spell the names of their family members and close friends.

Mary Ellen’s DIY Tile Coasters

These are such a wonderful and easy-to-make gift for anyone on your list this year. Make a set of coasters using wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to coordinate with the decor in someone’s living room, kitchen or maybe their office. Or make a couple of different sets to coordinate with a specific holiday or someone’s birthday. Who wouldn’t love a set of coasters just for Christmas or for Thanksgiving? Make some coasters with your favorite photos too. Commemorate a family vacation or the visit of a family member who came in from out of town. I made a set of coasters for my parents one year that had photos from when we went wine tasting in the south of France. The coasters come out when we’re trying a new bottle of wine. The possibilities are endless!

Sam’s DIY Handprint Mold

This is a great gift to send to grandparents or a gift that your little one can give to your partner or spouse that they can hang in their office. Commemorate your child’s age and make one every holiday season making sure to write the year on the back. If your little one’s hand is small enough, this would make a great ornament for your Christmas tree.

For kids that are older, this clay recipe can be used for some fun sculpting activities. Use cookie cutters to make little gingerbread man, Christmas tree, or snowflake ornaments. Make sure to poke a small hole in the top to string some ribbon through. Paint them after they have been baked. Mold the clay around a bowl or an aluminum can that has a tiny bit of non-stick spray. After it has air-dried, remove the clay from the bowl or can and bake. Then your child can decorate the baked bowl. Depending on the size of the bowl it can be given as a candy dish, a candle holder or a little catch-all bowl for paperclips on someone’s desk.

Alex’s DIY Sleepy Book or April’s DIY Toddler’s Best Friend Book

This could make for a great gift for close friends and family and is a wonderful way to share all of those photos that you would likely only ever share on Facebook or on your phone. You don’t have to limit this kind of photo book to just sleeping photos either. How about a book of photos with your child with their grandparents? Or a beloved aunt or uncle? How about a photo book documenting a family vacation, reunion or even something as simple as a fun day spent at the park or the beach? For a few close family members, how about a book that documents the holidays and events that your family celebrated throughout the whole year? If anything, what a great keepsake for your kids to have when they get older, like a family yearbook!

Cassie’s DIY Sharpie Mug

This custom gift is so incredibly simple! Just let your kids go to town decorating a ceramic mug with different colored Sharpie markers. Trace a hand print, have your child(ren) write their name, or just a simple “I love you.” Have them draw a self-portrait or just let them scribble away. The custom-designed coffee mugs are baked in the oven for a few minutes to set the ink, then they are ready to wrap and share with family and friends.

Alex’s DIY Mini Polaroid Photo Magnets

These simple gifts are a super fun way to share photos with friends and family. And the small size means they are a great way to print and share low resolution images from your phone or Instagram. Make a couple dozen for someone’s office or sneak some onto their refrigerator. They’re relatively simple to make and very inexpensive. These would make for fantastic stocking stuffers!

Sam’s DIY Wooden Growth Chart

This doesn’t seem like an obvious gift idea, but why not? For any friends or family members with kids, what a fun and interesting item to have in their house to keep track of their child’s growth? Pick a wood stain that coordinates with the decor in the recipient’s living room, kitchen, or playroom and it becomes a piece of art. The elegant look of a beautiful and polished wood grain and the classic font can make this elegant enough to display anywhere in the home, not exclusive to the kids’ room. We have ours hanging in our living room!

Alex’s DIY Mei Tai Doll Carrier

How about a baby carrier for a little one to babywear their favorite doll or stuffed animal? This makes for a great gift for a child who’s recently become a big sister or big brother. Pick out fabrics that contain their favorite colors or their favorite cartoon characters. If you’re feeling creative, add a pocket or ruffles to the panel. If the recipient doesn’t own a beloved doll, consider giving this WITH a brand new doll. My oldest loved wearing his Mickey Mouse after his little brother was born.

Alex’s DIY Recipe Card Kitchen Towels

As a way to commemorate her late great-grandmother, Alex scanned a handful of handwritten recipe cards and had them printed onto fabric and then sewn into kitchen towels. SpoonFlower provided the printed fabric (there are lots of fabric options) and she had a personal heirloom gift to give to her mom, aunt, sister, and cousin that was not only useful, but also full of memories.

Cassie’s DIY Photo Bookmark or Ornament

This DIY gift from Cassie is so simple and fun! Photograph and laminate “hanging” photos of your kids and give them as stocking stuffers to loved ones, especially the bookworms in your life. If your loved ones only use eReaders now, then use thiner string, write a short message and the year on the back, and give these as Christmas ornaments! 

Mary Ellen’s DIY Snowman Handprint Ornaments

These DIY handprint ornaments are so fun and would make for a really fun activity for kids of multiple ages! Turn your child’s handprint into five whimsical snowmen and see how they change from one child to another. Use different colored and different sizes of ornaments depending on the age and hand size of your kids!

What are some DIY holiday gifts that you or your kids are making this year? Share in the comments below!

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  1. We are planning a hand made gifting Christmas this year. I am loving all the diy ideas!

  2. I love the ruler growth chart idea!

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