DIY No-Sew Crib Skirt Makeover

With the anticipated arrival of my second son, I was looking forward to decorating another little boy’s room, but I wasn’t excited about spending a ton of money.

Before my oldest son was born, we were given a number of hand-me-downs, including a bed skirt and matching crib sheet. It had worked great in his room, but definitely wasn’t going to match the room I had envisioned for my second son.

I started looking around for bedding I thought would match, but all of it was so expensive. I decided it might be something I could DIY… and then realized I don’t even have a sewing machine.

If I was going to do something myself, I needed to be able to do it without sewing!

Because I no longer needed the original crib skirt, I decided I would try and give the old crib skirt a makeover. I knew it would either turn out great or it would be a disaster. Fortunately, the fabric I bought cost less than $8 a yard, so if it turned out terribly, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And even more fortunately, it ended up working out pretty well. Maybe someone with actual sewing experience would disagree, but it looks great and that’s all that matters to me!

For this DIY crib skirt makeover I needed:

  • Fabric - I only bought one yard because I wasn’t planning on doing the back of the crib skirt since you can’t see it anyway. The amount you need would also depend on how long you wanted to make your skirt.
  • HeatnBond tape (no-sew) – Super strength would be optimal
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional – you can use these if you want to make sure you’re ironing with a straight edge)


Measure the length of both the long side and the short side of your existing crib skirt, as well as the width of both sides of the current crib skirt (only the patterned portion since you won’t be recovering the white base).

Add one inch to both the length and width of your measurements.

For each panel (I had three — one long panel and two short panels) cut three pieces of HeatnBond. You will need one for the bottom, and one for each edge edges (not the top).

Once all of the HeatnBond strips are cut, you can lay them on top of the fabric and fold and pin down the fabric one half inch on each edge and one inch on the bottom.

Iron down all of your edges (make sure to remove pins where you are placing the iron). This should give you nice clean edges everywhere except the top, which won’t matter.

I cut the patterned fabric off of the crib skirt, but you don’t need to if you would rather just place your fabric over the current skirt.

Once you have ironed down the three edges on all of your panels, you will need to cut three more pieces of HeatnBond (or four if you are doing the back of the crib skirt). You will need one (or two) for your long side(s) and two for the short sides of the crib.

Place your HeatnBond strip on the base of your crib skirt (or just over the patterned fabric). You will place the top edge (that doesn’t have the pretty straight edge) on top of your no-sew strip and iron it on.

That’s it! It was really a simple project and gave the crib an entirely new look.

I ended up spending less than $15 between the HeatnBond and the fabric for a “new” crib skirt that looks just like the $100 skirt I wanted!

Keep in mind that when you no-sew fabric, you can still wash it but it doesn’t hold up quite as nicely as if you had just sewed the fabric. So if you have a sewing machine, you could still do this project and save yourself a ton of time and it might be a bit more durable. That being said, I don’t wash the crib skirt all that often so I wasn’t too worried.

4 Responses to DIY No-Sew Crib Skirt Makeover

  1. love this!! definitely doing it :)

  2. This is super cute! and it looks really easy and fun! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. so doing this for the next little one! I love repurposing stuff!

  4. What a great tutorial! Love it! Need to do this for baby #2!

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