DIY Painted Table

My brother needed a little gray table for his new house so I told him I would find one and paint it for him as a housewarming present. I was on the hunt for the perfect table to paint when I remembered we had this bad boy sitting in our basement.

It used to be in our entryway until candle wax was spilled all over it (thanks to kids playing hockey in the house!). I forgot I had put it in the basement and it was the perfect size for what my brother needed. Score!

Since there was dried wax on the top, I just took a sanding block and lightly sanded the waxy areas down so they were not raised anymore. The table was super smooth and shiny, but I did not feel like sanding the whole thing so I made some DIY Chalk Paint. I had a huge can of grey paint leftover from painting our bedroom so I mixed a little bit of it with some non-sanded tile grout and…voila! There was my chalk paint!

It took a few coats to look the way I wanted it. I was afraid just one coat might scratch off easily - so I did three light coats. The drawer does not come off so it was a little tough to get into the grooves around it, but that’s the beauty of ‘up-cycling’ old furniture. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

While the chalk paint was drying, I spray-painted the knobs. Easy enough.

Now for the antiquing: in my experience with many past projects, I’ve found glaze to be so messy and the dark wax I had was not dark enough, so I just used black paint. Black paint is inexpensive, so that is an added bonus. Brush it very lightly on all the corners, edges and grooves and then VERY lightly dry brush it on the top and smooth surfaces and that’s all there is to it!  

I topped the entire table off with some clear wax and sent it off to it’s new home!  

What do you think?

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  1. Such a neat tutorial! Thanks!

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