DIY Painting a Wood Dresser

When converting our son’s nursery into a big boy room, we were kind of strapped for cash as we were also furnishing an entire new nursery with the arrival of our second child on the horizon, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I also didn’t want to go out and buy cheap furniture and end up tossing it a few years down the road.

My mama offered to give us a bed my brother had used when he was a kid and my mother-in-law said we could use my husband’s old dresser. Problem was, neither of the stains of wood matched. And while trying to be thrifty, I also wanted my son’s new big boy room to be fun for him, and to look nice as well.

After looking at tutorials online I decided to just repaint both the bed and the dresser so they would have fresh new looks, but would still withstand belonging to a toddler as they are both sturdy, solid wood pieces. I decided on a dark brown for the bed to take on a “wood/espresso” appearance and chose bright red for the dresser.

After taping up the drawers of the dresser, I bought Zinsser’s Primer/Sealer Stain Killer, which doesn’t require any sanding on the actual wood, and cuts down on time tremendously. My husband and I primed each piece. Zinssers primer is AMAZING and dries super fast.


After we had the pieces primed, the next step was to get started with the actual paint. Because we chose red for the dresser we had to apply three coats to make it look vibrant and bright. It took some time, but was complete in one afternoon.

One tip is to use a small roller instead of a paint brush to avoid stroke lines and to make it look more finished and polished.

After the paint dried, we stripped the tape and reassembled the dresser, and were done. SUCH a simple process for a brand new look that will last!

DIY Painting a Wood Dresser

2 Responses to DIY Painting a Wood Dresser

  1. The dresser looks great! We tried something similar in our house for our new addition and it didn’t come out quite as clean looking as yours. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Such a great way to make a kid’s room fun and exciting!

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