DIY Paper Heart Wreath

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, a paper heart wreath is a fun craft for mama and little ones! I made this one with my toddler, and I’ll be making another with my preschooler next week!

I used one-sided scrapbook paper squares, so that means one side of the paper is plain white. I’d recommend using double-sided scrapbook paper, or if yours are also plain white, I’d recommend having your little one color them or paint them another color to give it that extra pop!

Materials needed:

  • various scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun
  • piece of yarn, twine or string

First, make a bunch of strips of pretty scrapbook paper. We made ours one inch in width by six inches in length. Cut, and cut, and cut some more. Until you have lots of strips of paper!

Fold each strip in half directly through the center.

Using a hot glue gun (careful, keep this away from little hands!), put a thin line of glue across the end of one side. Bend the paper inward against the other end, forming a heart shape. Press the ends together.

It’s really easy to burn your fingers doing this part unless you’re very careful. Learn from my experience! Also, do you know how quickly hot glue binds onto paper? Almost immediately. You won’t have any room for re-adjusting the paper to line it up properly once you’ve already applied the glue, so try to be as precise as possible. I totally realize that if you have a two-year-old helping you, it won’t be even. That’s OK! It’ll look like mine.

Once you’ve got lots and lots of little paper hearts, form them into the shape you’d like to make your wreath. We played with making ours a square, a circle and an oval before deciding on a heart-shaped wreath. (Good shape-practicing opportunity!)

Plug your hot glue gun back in and put a thin line of glue on the side of one heart. Connect it to the next heart, and do the same for the next link in the chain. Continue all the way around.

Make sure you lift the connected pieces off of your table after you glue each heart! Otherwise, you’ll end up with a semi-permanent decoration on your workspace.

Cut a piece of yarn or twine and string it through one of the hearts on each side. Tie it into a knot up top. Hang it up and voila! Perfect Valentine’s Day décor for your home!

Have fun!

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