DIY Photo Bookmark

So many people use e-readers today, but I think it’s undeniable that there is still something special about picking up a real, paper-bound book to read.

Here is a DIY to make reading a real book even more special — your little one on a bookmark!

While browsing Pinterest, I found this article about similar DIY photo bookmarks. I used the picture as inspiration and put my own spin on how to create this great DIY idea.

This makes a great gift for your baby’s grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and friends, or it’s easy enough to make one and keep it for yourself.

It’s a fairly quick and easy DIY; you just have to have a bit of patience to cut out each individual photo before and after laminating.


  • Camera
  • Photo printer OR access to order printed photos
  • Scissors
  • Laminate machine OR access to a print shop
  • Single-hole punch
  • Ribbon


  • For the first step, you’ll need to enlist the help of your husband or a friend to take a photo. Hold your child up by the hands and swing her around a little bit. (This is the fun part for your kid!) The goal is to get a photo of your child smiling and laughing while hanging a few inches off the ground. This will likely take a few tries.

  • When you get a good shot, print your photo on glossy photo paper at home or order it to be printed.
  • Carefully and slowly, cut out the outline of your child’s picture, making sure to be especially careful around corners and edges, like around baby’s hair or shoes. If you have a laminating machine at home, all the better. If not, you can do what we did and head over to your nearest print shop, like FedEx-Kinkos. It’s pretty inexpensive to laminate photos at most print shops.
  • Laminate your photos, and once again, carefully and slowly cut out around the edges of the picture. This time, be sure to leave about a quarter inch of laminate between the edge of the photo and the edge of your bookmark. Try to follow the natural edges of the photo instead of making it an oval or rectangle.
  • Using a hole punch (also available at your print shop!), punch a hole in the very top of the bookmark between your child’s hands.

  • Tie a pretty ribbon or some strands of string through the hole.

Voila! Now your baby can swing from the pages of your favorite book. Anyone who loves reading and loves your child will adore this cute DIY bookmark.


10 Responses to DIY Photo Bookmark

  1. Cute idea!

  2. This is freaking adorable! Great idea!!

  3. Oh my gosh; how adorable is that! I don’t have any little kids in my immediate sphere, but I’m going to have to think up someone to share this idea with!

  4. What a fun and wonderful idea! I don’t have any small children in my immediate circle, but this is so cute, I want to find someone to share it with. Thanks for passing it along.

  5. Oh my goodness!!!!! Cutest idea ever!

  6. How adorable!

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