DIY Shape Sorter

At about 15 months old, Danica started to get bored with her ‘baby’ toys. I went on the search for new activities that she would enjoy.

We had a play date with a friend and she had made her daughter a DIY shape sorter— Danica absolutely loved it. It is very simple to make, and more than likely you already have everything you need to make one.

What I used:

  • Empty Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies container
  • Empty Gerber Graduates Puffs container
  • Empty Similac Baby Formula container
  • Straws
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Power drill
  • Razor blade

My husband drilled holes using a Unibit in the lids of the Puffs and Crunchies containers. The holes were just big enough for a straw to fit through.

I cut about an inch off of 12 straws so they would fit into the Puffs container, and cut 12 more straws down to five inches so they would fit into the Crunchies container.

We put the the lids on and Danica sat for at least 15 minutes putting the straws in, then having us open the containers to pour them back out.

Danica has always loved putting money into her piggy bank, so we thought making a shape sorter with buttons would be something she would like as well.

My husband used a razor blade to make slits in the lid of the formula can just big enough for the buttons to fit. Again, Danica had a lot of fun putting the buttons in over and over again.

This can easily be done with all kinds of containers, and you can use just about any object you might have around the house. You could also do a container of both straws and buttons (or other objects) so it is like an actual shape sorter where they have to put the right object into the right hole.

Not only are these fun, but it helps your child learn and practice their fine motor skills too!

Guest Mama Lindsay is married to the love of her life, TJ, and they have a beautiful daughter named Danica (03/11). She grew up in San Antonio, Texas and was a competitive swimmer for 14 years. She was even one of the top swimmers in Texas for a few of those years. Shoulder problems forced her to quit in high school, but she still loves to swim laps when she can find the time. Her family loves spending time together outdoors. They enjoy going to the lake, playing on their ATV, and going camping.

8 Responses to DIY Shape Sorter

  1. This is a great idea! I love DIY toys! When I was a little girl my fave toy was a basket of buttons, so this is a keeper in my opinion!

  2. What a genius idea! I’m so happy to have found this post… i’ve been wanting to get a shape sorter for my little girl but why buy one when I can make one? Thank you!

  3. Such a great idea!

  4. love this idea! I did the pipe cleaners before but I love the buttons!

  5. this is a really cool idea

  6. Neat idea! Beautifully simple and an easy project. Thanks!

  7. Love DIY! This is a great idea for young children! Love activities like these for them to do!

  8. Great idea! I think the biggest challenge would be making sure the edges of the cutouts aren’t sharp.

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