DIY Soap Bar Bunnies

When I was younger, my own mama and I did a lot of crafting. We had a few favorites, and this is one of them.

I’m not sure where my mom learned to make these adorable little bunnies, but they’re something I haven’t seen in years anywhere else. By using that soap bar, it has such a great, clean, refreshing smell - which is just an added bonus! I thought with Easter coming up, I’d show my own daughter how fun these little soap bar bunnies are to make!

We ended up making two bunnies - one for Emma, and one for her baby brother.

What you need:

  • one bar of soap
  • two eyes
  • a wash cloth
  • a cotton ball or a pom
  • one ring about an inch in diameter (I had D-rings already that I was able to use)
  • a bead for the nose (I used a larger faux pearl that I already had, but you can use anything you want for the nose, really)
  • a hot glue gun
  • any accessories you want, if any. I put a little bow on Emma’s little bunny for fun.


First you’ll take your soap bar out of the packaging. Place it at one of the corners of the wash cloth, far enough from the edge so that one of the corners can fold up over top of it.

Roll it up in the wash cloth until you can fold the opposite end over top. Glue that end down with your hot glue gun.

Once you have the end glued down, you’ll gather the two sides and slide your ring down. Separate those two sides so that they fall on each side of the soap bar. Now you have ears!


Now you can add your two eyes and nose to the front to make a face.

Add your cotton ball or pom to the back end to make a tail. If you want to add anymore “accessories,” such as a bow, you can do that now.

Now you have a soap bar bunny! They’re so simple, and so cute, and the kids will love them!

 DIY Soap Bar Bunnies

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  1. I love these soap bar bunnies! I never seen with soap only reusuable ice cubes! Love this idea!!

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