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MSW reader Christy asks:

“How long did you wait to leave the house with your newborn baby? Where did you go? Why?”

  • My son’s first outing was at seven days old and we went to his first pediatrician’s appointment. He was looking rather orange and we needed to get his bilirubin levels checked. In one afternoon, we visited the pediatrician’s office, the lab to have bloodwork done and the local pharmacy. It was quite a day for his first outing. His second outing was the next day and it was to In-N-Out Burger. It was right down the street from our house, so we walked. I was craving a Double-Double something fierce.  ~Alex T.
  • My daughter’s first outing was when she was two days old, an hour plus drive to our midwives office for a check up. Our first non-medical outing was at four days old when we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. We didn’t have an infant car seat so I wore Anna wherever we went, which made breastfeeding on the go super easy. ~Jessica S.
  • Since my daughter was born the beginning of January and we had the typical cold Ohio weather, the first and only place we took her for the first few weeks was to the pediatrician for her well-child visit. We started taking her out more toward the end of the month after she had gained a little weight, but just kept the outings limited to family members’ homes. ~Sam A.

  • Our first trip out was around eight days old to Babies-R-Us for formula. ~Christy A.
  • Our first outing was one day after we got home from the hospital— when he was six days old. We went to his pediatrician’s office for a well baby check. My mom and I also took him to the grocery store the next day at seven days old. He slept the whole time! We didn’t really go out too much in the first month. I wasn’t worried about him not being immunized or strangers touching him… believe it or not, I was worried he would cry! (Someone should have told me that babies cry sometimes and no one would judge me if it happened in the middle of Target). ~Mary Ellen M.

  • My first outing was when he was about five days old.  My mom and I took him to Target and he pretty much slept the whole time. I had to take it easy because of my C-section, so it was a pretty quick trip. Since I didn’t know the gender before he was born, I needed some clothes that were NOT yellow or green!  ~Heidi C.
  • He was five days old. We had to go to the pediatrician to check his jaundice. Then I needed some supplies (and some more comfortable clothes for myself) so we headed to Target. Almost every day that first week home we had a doctor’s appointment and we would run an errand after that. I’ll never forget a lady stopping us in Target because she was impressed we were out and about already. ~Cari H..
  • Our first outing was going to the doctors for a follow-up appointment to check on her weight when she was four days old. My husband and I definitely looked like new parents as it took us about 20 minutes just to get her re-bundled up and strapped into her carseat after the appointment! Getting out and about was easier the more we did it. ~Emily R.
  • I believe my first outing with my oldest was at one week and it was to meet her dad’s parents for the first time. My second daughter was just four or five days old and we took her over to my in-laws. She HATED her carseat for the first few weeks so it really wasn’t to fun to go anywhere with her. Once we were at our destination, she did awesome. ~Miriam R.

  • The first time we left the house with the baby, she was four days old. We went to her pediatrician’s office to see the nurse and lactation consultant. Our first non-medical outing was when she was seven days old. My husband, my mom, my baby and I took a walk around the block to the local ice cream shop and had a treat after dinner. I wore C in the Moby Wrap and she was so cuddled and warm, she slept the whole time. ~Cassie W.
  • I waited three days. Georgia ended up coming three weeks early and we hadn’t expected it. Because of that we hadn’t gone grocery shopping and well, we needed food. So at three days old, I strapped her to my chest in the sleepy wrap and grocery shopped! ~Sarah H.


The advice given here is solely based on our individual experiences and in no way is it going to be perfect for every mama, every baby, and every situation. None of us are medical doctors. If you have a question regarding a medical topic we can give our opinions, but please consult with your doctor. We are not liable or responsible for the results of following any specific advice in any given situation.

By Alex T.

Alex is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area currently living in Utah with her hubby where she's a work-at-home-mom to her rambunctious son TJ (born Oct 09). She loves to travel, loves art and art history, soccer, photography, and is a little bit of a foodie. When she's not chasing after her son or working for Mama Say What?!, she's running her graphic design and illustration business. Check out her website ( and her Etsy shop ( to see the most recent projects she's done.

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2 Responses to Ask the Mamas: Baby’s 1st Outing

  1. My first time out was when my son was 3 days old, the day after we left the hospital. We went to Applebees for some food, then to Walmart for shopping. I’ve gone out just about every day for the next 8 months!! :)

  2. Our first time out was when my son was 2 days old. On the way home from the hospital we had to stop by Target to pick up a diaper genie, humidifier, and toothpaste. He came at 37 weeks so we weren’t quite ready for him. When we got to the car my husband realized the toothpaste was under the car seat and we didn’t pay for it. I was exhausted at that point and just let him run back in to pay for it while I sat in the car with the baby!

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