Elizabeth’s Aqua and Pink Nursery

When you found out you were having a girl, how did you decide what “theme” you wanted to go with for her nursery?

I wanted her room to be sweet and colorful , as well as somewhere my husband and I would want to spend time playing with our daughter.

How did you make it all come together? Inspiration boards? All in your head?

Everything was planned out in my head over time.  As we set up her nursery, we were able to see if there were any missing elements. I started with the colors, and then progressed to the bedding, wall decorations, bookshelf decorations, and finally the mobile.

What were your main colors?

Pink, aqua, and white. I fell in love with both the Vintage Modern and the Marmalade collections by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics, specifically the refreshing aqua and sweet pinks.

Where did you find most of the items in the room?

We bought Elizabeth’s crib and mattress from Target, I made her mobile, and my mother-in-law made all the bedding and the curtains. We already owned all of the canvas bins, the changing table was a yard sale find, and the bookshelf and recliner were my husband’s from college. The canvas print and the picture frame over Elizabeth’s changing table were gifts from my mom, and the blue bow holder was another DIY. The various knick-knacks on her bookshelf are a combination of gifts and items from my childhood bedroom.

Were you on a budget?

We never set an exact cap on our spending; rather we just tried to be as thrifty as possible. My husband and I decided that we would rather spend less on Elizabeth’s furniture as a baby and be able to splurge when the time comes to buy her ‘big girl’ furniture. And trust me, I have some Pottery Barn dreams in the works.

Any tips for mamas on how to make their dream nursery come to reality?

Try to create a room you want to spend time in!  If pastels and lambs (or the newest baby trend) aren’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to decorate using those elements.  I also suggest trying to create a room that your sweet newborn will be able to ‘grow into’ for a few years.  It takes time to create the perfect nursery for your little one.  Weeks might go by with no progress and then suddenly you get inspired!

What does Elizabeth (or what do you) love most about her room?

The bedding!  My mother in law and I had a tough time tracking down all the fabric she needed to make everything, but I am so very happy it all worked out because it is so special to have handmade bedding! Now that Elizabeth is crawling and pulling up on everything, I like to think she enjoys having her toys and books on the lower bookshelves to access as she pleases.

Did your husband have any input?

My husband was deployed while most of the nursery decisions were being made. We talked about them via email and had a plan of action set up for when he returned home (in other words, he had quite a few pieces of furniture to move and assemble).

2 Responses to Elizabeth’s Aqua and Pink Nursery

  1. this room is adorable! Love all the little touches and that the bedding was handmade!

  2. What a gorgeous room! I love all of the bright colors and different patterns. Great job mama!

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