Emma’s Birth Story

Emma’s Birth Story

Mama: Whitney H.

Stats: 9 lbs., 2 oz.

Type of Birth: Cesarean

Birth Location: Hospital

Primary Care: Obstetrician

I had the best pregnancy I could’ve ever asked for and the most supportive husband and family around. Emma’s Birth Story

I was very blessed and did not run into any complications; I gained just the right amount of weight and I really only got super uncomfortable the last few weeks. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant!

While I was pregnant, I obviously thought about my birth plan A LOT. I knew I wanted to stay home for as long as I could, I didn’t want to have an epidural and was NOT going to have a c-section.

I was in for a few surprises!

I went to my OBGYN on April 5, which was two days before my due date. My husband Josh and I were told that she weighed about 9.6 lbs and that she hadn’t dropped down yet. Because of this combination, we had some decisions we had to make.

We could a) do an elective c-section or b) wait the weekend and see if she came on her own and if not, be induced. Well we went for option B, because I really didn’t want to have a c-section.

So we waited… and waited… and of course, she did not come. This was Easter weekend and Josh works for our church, so everyone was hoping that I wouldn’t have her until after Easter so he would be around for the craziness.

Well, dear Emma did not budge (I make a happy home I guess. haha) and so Easter Sunday night (one day after my due date), my husband and I checked into the hospital for cervical ripening (I kept envisioning fruit). It is basically a procedure where they soften your cervix to try and dilate and start labor.

My nurse, Thelma, was so awesome and answered all of our questions and was very patient. I was very anxious and couldn’t sleep, but my very nice doctor prescribed me some sleep medicine so Josh and I were actually able to rest that night.

The next morning on April 9 at 8:30, they gave me my Pitocin and my labor started!

At this time, I’m not exactly thrilled by the fact that labor was induced but I felt like I had to follow doctors orders.

All of our family came and hung out in the hospital but Josh was really great about not letting a whole lot of people in and making sure we were having alone time. He was also sweet enough to eat outside of the room so I didn’t have to smell any food, since I hadn’t had anything to eat since 6:30 the previous evening. He is seriously the best husband ever and I would not have survived the day without him.

We spent the day watching TV and talking. My sister was in the room a lot of the time, which was really great because when my contractions started getting stronger I had her just talk non-stop till they went away while Josh soothed me.

Later that afternoon, my nurse came in and asked me if I wanted an epidural, but before I was able to answer she told me that the anesthesiologist was about to go into a surgery. So if I did eventually want one, I was going to have to wait for a few hours. Of course that scared me and with a possible c-section looming, I finally gave in. I was pretty proud that I had gotten to 7 cm. So the big man with the needles came in and a new set of pain awaited me.

Josh wasn’t allowed to be in the room (it had to be sterile and I think they were worried about him freaking out when they saw the needle, which I did not see and I am so OK with that). Since he wasn’t in the room, my AWESOME nurse, Cathy, was my person who I got to squeeze.

They did the local, which felt like a bee sting, and then they did the epidural. It felt like a balloon was being blown up in my uterus which created a lot of pressure and was slightly painful, but then it went away right when I started to think this was the worst decision I had ever made. I squeezed poor Cathy’s fingers like there was no tomorrow and she was so great and just kept talking and kept my mind off of what was going on.

After the epidural, my sister and Josh’s brother, Jeremy, had a blast watching the monitor as I would have a contraction and kept asking me if I could feel anything. Josh breathed a sigh of relief because he was getting very antsy watching me be in pain and not being able to do anything except tell me to breath and let me push against him.

IMG_01027Unfortunately around 7 p.m., my doctor came in and said that my contractions had done nothing! They weren’t strong enough to push her down and I felt no urge to push at all, so in the end I had to have a c-section.

Josh went and told the family what was going to happen and then they all came in and prayed. It was a really great moment. Everyone gave us hugs and kisses and then went back to the waiting room.

Josh put on his scrubs while they prepped me. As my nurses wheeled me towards the OR, I’m chatting it up like everything is fine, however I got super quiet when they lifted me onto the surgical table. The lights looked like really big honeycomb spaceships. Josh had to stay out of the room until everything was sterile and then he came in and sat by my head. By then I had gotten a stronger epidural so I couldn’t feel anything from the chest down. I also was too scared to talk so Josh just kept talking to me. I think at one point he was so nervous that he just started talking to me about baseball.

Finally, at 8:08 p.m., Emma Marie was born!

She was 9.2 lbs. and 21 1/2 in. long. They cleaned her up and Josh got to bring her around so I could see her.

Throughout the surgery, my blood pressure kept dropping so when Josh brought her around I was fighting to keep my eyes open. They sewed me up (before Josh was allowed to go see Emma he stood up and watched them take out the placenta and stuff. I don’t know how he did it nor do I know why!)

As they were sewing me up, Josh took Emma to the nursery where he was met by a ton of paparazzi! Jeremy, in his first duty as uncle, told everyone to stand back and stop because there were too many flashes.

Back in the OR, I was getting all fixed up and, obviously, couldn’t feel a thing. When they took out my epidural, they had to roll me on my side and the OR table is small, so I was practically looking at the floor. It kind of freaked me out but I was also so out of it I almost didn’t care. I was lugged onto my chariot and got rolled out (during this time I was shaking like crazy. They don’t tell you this, but after you have a c-section, because it is such a hormonal shock to your body, you shake like nobody’s business).

So I finally got rolled out and was greeted by my dear family and got to see Emma through the nursery window as she was getting her first bath. (We later found out that when the nurse picked her up to show her clean self off to the family, she fountain pooped all over her!)


While I was in the recovery room, one of the nurses brought Emma to me so I finally got to hold her, do some skin-to-skin bonding and I was able to breastfeed her, which I had been really worried about. Then we hung out there for about an hour so they could make sure I was OK before finally being brought to our room.

It was a very long day but it was absolutely the best day of my life.

Guest mama Whitney lives in Houston, Texas with her high school sweetheart husband, Josh and sweet baby, Emma. She has the joy of being a stay-at-home-mama and student at the University of Houston (she is graduating in May!). She spends her days dancing in the kitchen to Emma’s delight, cleaning when Emma is napping, doing as many crafts as she can and she does her best to get dinner on the table. They are currently in the market for a house and can’t wait to start making new memories as they approach Emma’s first birthday!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Emma is so adorable!

  2. Beautiful story, Whitney! Thanks for sharing. I seriously love how much amazing support you had during your pregnancy/labor/delivery, even though things didn’t go exactly as planned. If only every mama were that lucky. :) Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on such a beautiful little girl!

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