Emma’s DIY Dorothy Costume

Last year was my daughter’s second Halloween. Being only a year and a half old, she really couldn’t express what she ‘wanted’ to be, so I decided to look for ideas myself. I knew it’d probably be the the last year before she’d be able to make the decision herself, so I wanted to find something cute, and of course DIY-able.

I had found a few ideas online that I thought were cute, but hadn’t made an actual decision until one day while shopping at Walmart. I was checking out the shoes and noticed a single pair of red, glittery shoes hanging on the wall, on clearance, in Emma’s size.

Dorothy had been one costume I was considering, but I decided this was a ‘sign’ and instantly decided that’s what Emma would be.

Through my own side ‘business’ I make tutus, so I made a light blue tutu for her to wear. I also had a white long-sleeved shirt for her already (long sleeves and layers are necessary for Ohio Halloweens!) We also had white tights for her to wear to keep her little legs warm. The night that we went out trick-or-treating, though, was pretty cold and yucky, so she also wore light grey sweatpants under her tutu to keep her extra warm.

Check out Heidi’s post on how to make a DIY no-sew tutu!

But I was missing something. I knew of someone locally who I see regularly at craft shows who makes aprons. I had her make me a light blue gingham apron to put over Emma’s existing outfit. At that time, Kohl’s had a stuffed animal for sale that looked just like Toto, so she carried him with her too.

The apron and stuffed Toto really completed the whole look and she looked adorable! You don’t need an expensive or elaborate costume to make it work!

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  1. She looks so adorable! I love it- great job mama.

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