Emma’s Pink & Frilly 1st Birthday Party

Real Mama Whitney threw a beautiful first birthday party for her daughter Emma. Check out the amazing details!

What inspired the theme of the celebration?

I really wanted to do something super girly. I know that once my sweet angel began to have her own opinions, likes and dislikes, of course we will have to do the character parties she wants, etc. So I felt like this was my one and only chance to do a party that was super girly, pink and frilly!

What was one element of the celebration that you are particularly proud of?

I was so proud of all of the decor! I really put a lot of thought into it. I wanted to completely transform our house and I think it was pretty successful! I was especially proud of the mantel decor and her smash cake.

The mantel was just so sweet and precious and I thought it added a lot to the room but was simple enough that it didn’t take over.

As for her cake? Those candy pearls had to be put on there one at a time, so I am really proud of that cake!

If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

I absolutely LOVED our wooden monogram from Scrappin Plus on Etsy. The store has all different sizes, so I loved that I had options. I am also a HUGE fan of Tiny Prints and was so pleased with how her invitations turned out.

What was your favorite moment of the party?

There was one moment during the all the hustle and bustle where I looked outside and she was being pushed in the swing by her godfather. I started to look around and it just really hit me how genuinely loved she was by so many people. She was having so much fun and everyone was so happy to celebrate with us.

What was you daughter’s favorite moment of the celebration?

I think Emma’s favorite part was being around all of our friends and family. She kept walking around— and being passed around— and was being the adorable little hostess. She did especially enjoy our furry guest Caleigh as well as her baby friends.

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

I can honestly say the whole thing turned exactly the way I wanted. Not only was the party beautiful, but we had so many friends and family there and it was just so fun! Everyone seemed to have a really great time and I don’t think I could have been more pleased.

What advice would you give to other mamas planning a birthday party?

START EARLY!!! I started planning for her party in January and the party was in April. It sounds crazy, but the more you do in advance, the easier things are going to be when it’s the week of the party. I would also suggest soliciting as much help as you can. I have amazing friends who helped my with my DIY stuff. The night before the party, my entire family came over and helped set everything up so the morning of we were just preparing food and getting Emma ready.


Invitation: TinyPrints
Wooden Monogram: Scrappin Plus
Straws: Hope and Fancy
Baby Bloomers: Mud Pie from Amazon
Outfit: Issa Bug’s Boutique

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  1. Adorable! Love your ah-ha moment absorbing all the love you saw and felt during the party! And I agree the mantel is fabulous!! All your details really shine.

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