E’s Favorite Books - Age 16 months

Elizabeth LOVES to read. Whether it’s while sitting in my lap or on the floor by herself, if she’s being quiet chances are she’s with a book. There’s are her current favorites:

Hop on Pop. All day, every day. I actually have to hide it from her every few hours so I can get a break! We also have it as a small board-book, which is an abbreviated version of the classic that we keep in the car.

My Little World Book. This one she rarely asks me to read; rather she will sit and flip through it on her own many times a day. It has real-life photographs, versus drawings, which I think holds her attention better than illustrations.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We have the giant board-book version, and I think she enjoys the vivid colors more than anything. I point out each of the letters as I say their name.

My Huggable Bible. We read this once a day together, and I’ll often find her flipping through the pages on her own, too. The wool-like cover makes it easy to grasp and makes it stand out on the shelf.

It’s Pajama Time. Ok, this one is a ‘mama favorite’ too! It’s so catchy and the illustrations are just precious. I recite it to Elizabeth frequently through out the day and she dances in place to the rhythm of the story.

Goodnight Moon. Another giant board-book classic with easy-to-turn pages that Elizabeth enjoys having read to her.

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