Eternal Love Teething Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Who has a teething baby who has turned from a smiling little cherub into a crying monster? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller… Bueller?

I know I’m not the only mama who loathes teething. My oldest daughter— literally the easiest baby that has ever been born, ever— didn’t even show any signs of teething. Just all of a sudden there was a tooth in her mouth. I’ve come to realize that this is absolutely not the norm, as my other two kids have been a crash course in teething hell. My youngest, Blake, decided he’d be really cool and cut six, yes that’s right, SIX, teeth at once. His nickname is “Brother Bear” and let me tell you, a bear he was. He was literally inconsolable for most of the day and I didn’t want to have him continually loaded up on pain meds or constantly nursing.

This is when I was given the opportunity to try out Eternal Love Teething Jewelry. I was given four different necklaces to try, all of them are made of BPA free 100% food grade silicone. From the four different ones I was given, I received two that had hexagonal-shaped beads (five beads total on each necklace), a necklace with oblong-shaped beads that took up the entire strand, and a single large tear drop pendent-style necklace.

My first thought when I received the packages was that they were aesthetically pleasing. They looked like fashion jewelry you’d see in Target and would wear to accent an outfit. It was not obvious that this jewelry was intended for babies to chew on, which I appreciated. Since much of my life and outfit choices are dictated by nursing or being a mama, it was nice to have something that wasn’t an obvious “mama” choice.

I was planning on experiencing a strong plastic or rubber odor when I opened the packages, but was pleasantly surprised when there was almost no smell at all. The only smell they had was from the actual packaging and that disappeared within a half hour. Holding them, they are all pretty lightweight and the silicone is remarkably soft.

I put one on right away and couldn’t help but rub the silicone bead across my lips; it was so soft to the touch. The strand that the beads are on is a soft fabric-type cord and is closed with a break-away safety clasp.

I chose to try out the hexagonal-shaped necklace first, as the colors matched my outfit. My son was immediately drawn to them and put them in his mouth right away. His new thing is to bite down on something and then while clamped down, attempt to rip it out of his mouth. He enjoyed this “game” with the necklace for a while. I nursed him while wearing the necklace as well; one of his habits is to run his hands through my hair while nursing, however if he is especially tired, he’ll rip at my hair out of frustration. I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part, this necklace distracted him enough to not engage in the pulling of my hair.

While he will chew on all of the necklaces, his favorites seem to be the oblong shaped one and the pendent. I think it’s because he can really bite down hard on those and it feels nice on his gums. I personally like the oblong shaped one because the color, turquoise, is my favorite.

Obviously these aren’t miracle workers and won’t take away the pain or irritation of teething 100%, but they do help significantly with distracting from the pain and, in my observation, pain reduction. My son is happier when he’s able to chew and play with them. Nursing in public is made easier, as he’s not popping off the breast the entire time to look around him-he’s fixated on the necklace for a while and will nurse more efficiently.

My only (slight) complaint is the fabric cord. If he puts that in his mouth, it tends to soak up the wetness which makes it travel up the cord, and that’s an irritant for me. However, I appreciate how soft the cord is and realize that there probably aren’t that many safe alternatives to have for a teething baby. When it becomes soaked, I just take the necklace off and let my son hold it himself. It dries fairly quickly, so laying it flat on an empty car seat will work too.

Overall, these necklaces are excellent. I truly do love them and appreciate them. They accent my outfits in the right way and now I don’t have to worry about my son chewing on jewelry that probably isn’t safe for him to put in his mouth. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any parent who has a teething child. To celebrate and prove how much I love them, MSW and Eternal Love are giving away a teething necklace to one lucky winner! 

If you’d rather not wait to see if you’re the giveaway winner, you can purchase your own Eternal Love Teething Necklace right now with this special discount code just for MSW readers! Use code  MAMASAYW at checkout for 25% off your order through April 30th, 2015. 

Contest begins on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 and ends on Tuesday, April 14th,  2015 at 11:59 PST. Must be 18 years of age or older. Must reside in the United States. Must complete the first three entries to win. Winners will be notified by email when the contest is over. Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Please check your email or spam box for a message from [email protected] 
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26 Responses to Eternal Love Teething Jewelry Review & Giveaway

  1. Frozen washcloths helped my little one during teething. I’m curious to see how the two-year molar teething goes though.

  2. I haven’t had the chance to try anything yet, as we’re still awaiting baby’s arrival (4 weeks!), but these necklaces look great, I’d love to try them!!

  3. Christine Naykki Reply

    My son’s favorite ways to deal with teething are nursing and chewing on ice chips. I’ve always wanted to try teething jewelry, though! Pretty and functional :)

  4. I used baby oral-gel at bedtime. Teething did not seem to bother my daughter during the day.

  5. Cold teethers!

  6. a lot of comfort nursing and cold wet washcloths. we have a bunch of wood teethers that are a huge hit too!

  7. Shanon Fonvergne Reply

    I always used teething rings that were put in the freezer, and popsicles!

  8. We have used cold teethers and teething tablets!

  9. These are lovely! I am making some fabric bunny ears for a wooden ring as well.

  10. Shanon Fonvergne Reply

    I used teething rings that went in the freezer and lots of popsicles!

  11. Frozen fruit or yogurt and teething tablets when needed!

  12. My daughter is five and I still find her chewing on things. Too bad this isn’t open to Canadians. I’ve shared it with a friend.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  13. amber teething necklace

  14. Our little one hasn’t started teething yet so I don’t have any tips. :D

  15. a baltic amber necklace works!

  16. My sons teething is helped with BALM baby teething rub.

  17. an amber necklace and teething oil has been great

  18. Hylands teething tablets worked the best for my oldest son.

  19. Teething tablets seemed really effective with my daughter. My little man enjoys sucking on a cold wash cloth.

  20. Amber necklace

  21. These are so beautiful (and functional) with my older boys they would snap and break every necklace I wore and I didn’t want them to chew on any of them. I love how they now have these for them to not only chew on but that look so beautiful. Yay no more forgoing jewelry!

  22. Elizabeth Beharry Reply

    Ooooh, I really hope that I win one of these, this is gorgeous.

  23. Have just used cold teething rings from refrigerator

  24. The best thing I found to help was to let the baby chew on a wet washcloth.

  25. Heather Claridge Reply

    We’ve tried amber necklaces

  26. tried an amber necklace but I haven’t noticed a difference so far… would love to try these necklaces

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