Even More Uses for White Vinegar!

Miriam’s article on the uses for white vinegar really got me thinking about the benefits of using a product that is safe for babies and fur-babies alike around the home.

While I hate the smell of white vinegar, the benefits seem to far outweigh the cons.

While researching this inexpensive and safe cleaning technique, I found a few more uses for white vinegar that have been very useful in our home!

Trick 1: Instead of just using white vinegar to clean out your front loading washing machine, throw a load of towels and bath mats in there too. Just pour two cups of white vinegar into your load (not in the laundry dispenser) and your towels that once smelled of any mildew or mold will be clean and fresh.

This is a two-for-one trick because the white vinegar will clean your towels and your washing machine at once. Once you have run the towels with the white vinegar you will want to run them through the cycle again with your regular detergent.

(NOTE: Never mix white vinegar with bleach! It will create a toxic chlorine gas which is really dangerous and completely negates the “safe” part of this cleaning tip!)

Trick 2: Steam clean your microwave! Add one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar to a microwave safe bowl or cup and turn on your microwave for ten minutes at 1000 watts. (Adjust based on wattage!) I put a wooden spoon in the cup just to be sure we won’t have any accidental explosions!

Trick 3: Clean your makeup brushes! Add two to three tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of boiling hot water and let your brushes sit for 20-30 minutes. After they are done soaking, rinse them off in cool water and enjoy the benefits of clean brushes. You should clean your brushes at least once a month and preferably twice a month if they are being used for foundation or gel makeup.

Trick 4: Use a baking soda/white vinegar solution to clean toys! Use equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz onto your little ones’ toys. The smell I can’t stand generally disappears pretty quickly and there is no unsafe residue left on toys, which is great if your little ones are still frequently putting them in their mouth!

Note: I would not re-use spray bottles to create this “natural” cleaner unless you are a chemist and can be sure you won’t be waging chemical warfare on yourself and your little ones, as discussed above… just get a new one!

Trick 5: To get those windows squeaky clean! Use another new spray bottle and add two cups of water, ½ cup of white vinegar, and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol. Be ready to be amazed at this streak-free cleaner. As an added tip, use a dryer sheet instead of a paper towel.

 More Uses for White Vinegar

3 Responses to Even More Uses for White Vinegar!

  1. I tried the microwave trick today- worked wonderfully! I was able to just wipe down the microwave without a problem afterward and it looks shiny clean! Thanks for the tips :)

  2. I’ve never thought of cleaning makeup brushes or toys with vinegar - I’ll try it out!

  3. Just going through your old posts and I LOVE this one! We use white vinegar for quite a few things, but I never thought of using it for makeup brushes, the microwave, or cleaning out our washing machine. Thanks so much for sharing!

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