Everleigh’s Elegant First Birthday Party

I absolutely cannot look at pictures of this beautiful birthday party without oohing and ahhhing. Everleigh is one lucky little girl. Her mama put on this absolutely stunning party, all for her first birthday (watch out when she gets married ha-ha)! The crafts and the recycled items make this beauty of a party so much more special, but my favorite part of this interview was proud mama, Jady’s, favorite moment!

What inspired the theme of the party?

We didn’t exactly have a theme, although I did have some in mind initially. We ended up going after a “feel” similar to her nursery, pinks, creams and aqua, with somewhat of a vintage vibe. I’m not sure that is exactly what I ended up with but it was a good guide, and I loved the end result. I was also able to recycle and use stuff we already had.

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

Too many to pick one! I really love the Happy Birthday sign and the scrap fabric garland (the garland was made from old onesies and shirts, and fabric scraps from sewing projects). While I scoured the internet for ideas and decided on what I wanted, I really credit my mom with the actual making of a lot of the items. Because of my travel schedule for work I could only work on things on the weekends, which left her to do the heavy lifting while I was gone. Thanks Mom! 

Additional details, just in case you are interested: I spray painted an old plant stand and used that as a cake stand. Her name is a wood sign I normally have over her crib. Cake pops, Rice Krispy pops, and cupcakes were made by me. All of the food was made by me. The crocheted tablecloth is a bedspread my mom made when I was born and given to me on my wedding day. Favors were gift bags with an assortment of items, and on the outside was a “thanks for coming to my party” card with a headband wrapped around it.

If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

I worked with several vendors:

Our local grocery store, Publix, made our cake and included a smash cake for free. They even gave me a discount because I had ordered an identical full-sized cake the week before for Everleigh’s one-year photos. In total I spent less than $30 on two full-sized cakes plus a smaller smash cake done in the same design. A few years ago I even got my wedding cake through one of their specialty stores in Florida and I still have people commenting on it.

I purchased the digital file for the invitations through Etsy vendor LoveCreationGal. My wording was a bit convoluted so I asked her to use her best judgment and she did exactly what I wanted on the first try. She was fast, helpful, and easy to work with.

Everleigh’s birthday outfit was the single most expensive item, and it was worth every penny. It came with a matching headband and was made from what seemed like miles and miles of tulle. We used it for her photo session, as well as for the day of her party, and I will treasure it as much as I do my wedding dress. Etsy seller Pink Giraffe Boutique, now known as Alora Safari is a very busy shop, but the dress arrived right on time and was even more beautiful than I thought it would be.

What was your favorite moment of the party?

It was the strangest thing but it was actually before the first guest arrived. My sister and my best friend got Everleigh dressed for me while I finished cooking and fixing up some decorations. They yelled down the stairs that they were bringing her down and my breath caught when I saw her. I felt like I was being given a peek into her future and what it will feel like when she goes to her first dance or gets married one day. She was just happy and excited about all the commotion around her, but it was a big moment for me. It was so sweet and touching to see her still very much a baby and also have that flash of her as an adult.

What was the birthday girl’s favorite moment of the party?

She really seemed to know somehow that she was the star of the day, and was smiling and happy, and in a good mood even though she missed her afternoon nap. She loved playing with all of the kids, and especially loved the wrapping paper on all of her gifts!

Any advice you would give to mamas who are planning a party for their little one?

Make lists. Then make more lists! The one item I forgot was the only thing I didn’t have on my list. I had “to buy,” “to cook,” “to make,” “to delegate,” and I kept refining and combining the lists as I completed them and got closer to party day. It kept me sane and on track, and I didn’t overbuy or take on more than I could actually do.

The other advice I have is to pick a dependable person and have them take pictures for you. Even if you have a fancy camera and plan on taking the pictures yourself, you will get caught up in the day and will forget, or even worse, you will get caught up in the picture taking and not be in the moment. Also, take pictures of the setting and the details before everyone arrives, not just during the party.

Have a backup outfit for your little one in case they are uncomfortable or make too big of a mess to clean up during cake time, etc. If you are working with vendors make sure to order early and give an earlier due date just in case anything comes up.

Dress and matching headband: $65 - Alora Safari

Cake: $28 - 2 full sized and 1 smash cake - Publix grocery store

Invitations: $10 digital file - LoveCreationGal

Printed and cute invitations – Kinkos/FedEx

Professional Photography for One Year photos done the week before: Brittney Shey Studios


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