Exploring Our Public Library

This past spring I discovered our public library. I knew where it was, but I never went there to visit or see what it was all about in our small town. I really wish I’d gone sooner. However, now is the perfect time since M will be three and we have already outgrown our bookshelf. Our house doesn’t have a lot of extra space, so when I read about the preschool reading program at our public library, I went to check it out.

Unfortunately, the preschool reading hour is on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and I work in the city on Tuesdays so this doesn’t work for us right now. While I was there, the friendly librarian (who also works at the pharmacy, small town perks) knew who I was and gave me a quick tour. Even though I’m not able to take my three-year-old to the reading hour we can still reap many of the library benefits.

1. The Craft Cart- This is the neatest thing! We made a pizza out of pre-cut yarn, construction paper sauce, and pom-pom meats. We also made a cute little foam monster and a couple of coloring pages M found all on her own.

2. Book Borrowing- This one is a no-brainer, but it is great for us because M loves to read and study with Daddy and we have no more room on our bookshelves. She picked out three books (I helped or we would have had the whole stack of Magic School Bus books). We have to return these in three weeks which means we get to pick out more books on our next trip and I get to see what else the library has to offer.

  • Arthur’s Underwear by Marc Brown. She loves Arthur, it’s on PBS, I love PBS! AWESOME!
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss. We only have one or two Dr. Seuss books and I don’t really remember what this one is about exactly so it will be new to both of us.
  • The Magic School Bus, Inside the Earth by Hanna Cole and Bruce Degen. I grew up with the Magic School Bus and forgot they had a book series. I think my sister had a couple of VHS tapes, so this is another classic to take me back in time. Plus, Daddy gets a little bored reading short books and this one is much longer than the ones we have on our bookshelf.

3. Movie Rental- They have movies! My friend at work told me about this once, but I never looked into it. I love this for the kids. There wasn’t really a great selection for movies I would rent, but for the kids it was perfect. I took it upon myself to pick the movies while M was enjoying her Dairy Products coloring page. She said she wanted to keep coloring and I could pick out the movies. We got these:

  • Disney Secret of the Wings. A Tinker Bell Faries Movie. M always wants to watch the Faries movies when the previews come on before other Disney movies. I wanted to see what Tinker Bell was all about, myself.
  • The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under 2 Movie Collection. I love both of these movies and so does Daddy. We are a big fan of kids movies so this is perfect for all of us.

4. Preschool Programs- Not only is there a whole reading section of the library complete with a fun rug, stuffed animals, rocking chairs, and a ton of books at the level the little kiddos can reach, there is an entire room for the pre-preschoolers. I think others can use it too, because it has a game system and multiple tables that I saw others using for lunch before I brought my kids.

The preschool room has puppets, different sized Legos, the Craft Cart, coloring pages, art supplies galore, a TV, and an art easel. This is where we spent our time because M was a little loud and C was going crazy. He didn’t want to stay in his stroller and he was too little for all of the fun activities M could do.

The bottom line here, I can’t wait to go to back and make good use of this preschool room. I am a busy mama who works full time and I wish I had a ton of time to look up activities on Pinterest and buy art supplies to make those projects. Luckily, Mama Say What!? has some great ideas for when I can use my own supplies we already have at home. 

Check out my next post on The Summer Reading Program and more great things I found for us to do at the library. 

What fun activities does your local public library offer?

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