Fernanda’s Little Bird Baby Shower

Mama Say What?! mama Fernanda and her husband are still referred to by their friends as love birds. So when she, her sister and her step-mama were trying to come up with an idea for the shower, “little bird” seemed perfect!

This team green, co-ed baby shower is just adorable and looked like it was a ton of fun! It was such a cute concept put together with great ideas!

Who threw your baby shower for you?

My sister and my step-mama. And because they know I am a planner, they let me help with some of the planning and all the DIY projects.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

My shower was co-ed. I decided to have a co-ed shower because my husband was really involved in my pregnancy and I really wanted the shower to be his moment as well. I wanted him to be part of it. Also, since most of our close friends are in common, I really wanted to invite everyone, not only the girls. The boys ran the party! They were really involved in all the games and activities.

How far along were you? Did you know the gender? Did that make a difference in the theme?

I was seven months pregnant. I didn’t want to wait until the very end because I figured I would be to tired and uncomfortable; and I also didn’t want to do it too soon because I wanted to have a round belly to show off. It was perfect timing! I was just big enough and was able to enjoy it a lot!

The theme had to be neutral because we didn’t know the gender until Enzo was born. Everyone says that my husband and I still look like love birds and because of that, the theme for the shower was “Little Bird”.

The invitation said, “The love birds are having a baby,” and the color scheme was yellow with touches of green and aqua.

I love the theme, so I believe that even if we knew the sex of the baby this would have been the theme. We would maybe have done it in different color.

What was your favorite game that you played at the shower?

My sister and step-mama asked all of the boys to put a balloon under their shirt, and after that they had to lace their unlaced shoes, to feel like a pregnant woman… it was really fun!

They also had one where the guests had to guess the circumference of my belly… some of my friends were so clueless. That was really funny.

There was one thing that I really loved, it wasn’t a game but I thought it was a great idea. They had a printed card, for the guests to fill out with some wishes for the baby. For example, “I wish you to like_________,” “I wish you are not afraid of________,” or “I wish you like to eat_______.”  It was very sweet to read all of the wishes our friends had for our little bundle of joy.

What was your favorite element of the shower?

The sweets table. Everything there was handmade; the food, the cupcake stands, the bird houses, the pompoms hanging from the ceiling. I really loved how it looked and tasted! The sweets table also had a sign saying, “What are you craving?” and had so many delicious and colorful candies.

If you were to throw a baby shower for your friend or relative, what is one thing that you would use from the shower that you attended?

Fun games— I think that was the key to keep everyone entertained and involved, and it was a really fun party for everyone… not just for the mama-to-be.


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  1. Amazing details!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time! Love the decor!

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