Fisher Price Rainforest Open Top Swing

When I was pregnant with my oldest son back in 2009, we borrowed a three-year-old, battery-operated swing from friends with the intention of giving it try. Their son would ONLY sleep in their swing for the first six months of his life, but we knew that not all babies end up liking swings. We were living in a very small house at the time and didn’t really have the floor space for an item that would barely get used.

Because our friends’ swing only ran on batteries, I added a new electric swing to my baby registry and figured I’d wait to open the box until after we knew if our son even liked the swing. If he didn’t then I would just return the brand new swing and get something else, like diapers.

After my son was born we used our friends’ swing and he seemed liked it, so I opened and assembled the Fisher Price Rainforest Open Top Swing that we received from our registry. I had chosen this swing because it looked like a newer model of my friends’ swing. But, most importantly, it plugged into the wall.

After using it, we found a few more features that we really liked.

The ability to easily pivot the seat so it swings forward and backward rather than side to side was a big plus. There are no buttons to push, I simply grab the seat and rotate it to either side until it locks.

I love that the mobile can swing up out of the way. We are using the swing right now for our newborn son and we rarely use the mobile, so it’s nice to be able to have it pushed out of the way.

It has a three-point harness for safety and a comfy padded seat that can very easily be removed for washing when needed.

It has multiple speeds for the swing and two different volume settings for the music. Well, it has three if you count “off” as one setting.

The only con to me is that I find the music to be a little annoying, so we rarely have it on. My older son likes to turn it on for his little brother, but I usually find an excuse to put on something else from the iPod.

The durability of this swing is really what motivated me to write this review. It’s been almost five years since we got it, and we’ve lent it to friends for their babies since then. My youngest son is the fourth baby to use this swing and it is showing almost zero signs of wear. It still looks brand new!

Oh, and it’s also pretty easy to take apart for easy transport, which we’ve done a few times.

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