Fitness: How Much Time is it Worth?

I know we would love to be able to take a casual walk around the park on a beautiful day and have that be enough for our workouts. But for most women, myself included, it is not enough.

Every person is different and there are many factors that can contribute to weight loss.

In order to maintain your weight, try to do a 30-minute workout consisting of cardio and some strength exercises.

To really burn calories and begin weight loss, try to step up your session to at least 45 minutes each day.

If you are someone who needs to break it up, and if you don’t want to do a 45-minute workout video or go for a five mile jog, remember that there are other options:

  • 20 min jog/power walk, 15 minute jump rope, 10 min hula hoop
  • 30 min jog/power walk , 20 push ups, 100 ab moves
  • 10 min run, 30 min workout video
  • 10 min jump rope, 100 jumping jacks, 3 sets of 15 push ups, 50 sit ups and repeat 3 x

Once you get creative with your workouts, it not only goes by faster but it is easier to tack on more time, and it makes for a great fat burning routine by just adding one more set.

Shocking your body with different types of routines is a great way to continue to burn, so try to commit to doing at least 45 minutes a day for three days a week.

Don’t get down on yourself if you can only squeeze in a 25-minute cardio blast routine, that is still worth something.

But throughout the day try and do a little extra here and there to help keep your body moving.

As a mama I know that I am always chasing after my little one and picking up toys, paper and whatever else she has gotten into.

Each squat for a toy and baby toss in the air is worth something.

Make your day count!

4 Responses to Fitness: How Much Time is it Worth?

  1. Great tips! Thank you!

  2. Marrissa Parkinson Reply

    I’ve recently started an at-home workout routine that is 20 mins. Its an intense 20 minutes of cardio and strength training and it seems to do the trick for now. My 2 year old daughter tries to join in which makes me laugh and also makes me feel so good about the decision I’ve made to introduce this routine into our day. Now when I carry around her large toys she says “Mommy strong!” and I say “Thats because of the exercise mommy does everyday!” :)

  3. I always try to workout when my little man is napping. Thanks for the tips.

  4. My boys love the kids gym at my fitness center. Having them ask if we can go to the gym motivates me to want to go too.

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