Foam Crafts With Kids

My daughter loves crafts. I was searching through the craft kits at WalMart, looking for something age-appropriate for her. Unfortunately, all the kits seemed a little too advanced for my almost-three-year-old. She was very persistent about wanting to “make something,” though. I found a big pack of foam sheets in primary colors and I thought maybe we could make a few things out of that. I also picked up some foam glue.

The first thing we made was a pumpkin. I traced a circle onto the orange foam piece to make my pumpkin shape. Then we cut out a rectangle for a stem, two ovals for eyes, a triangle for a nose, and a cute little toothy smile. I let my daughter pick out the colors, and then after I applied the glue, she put them where she wanted them on the pumpkin.

She was so excited and proud of her masterpiece!

Next, we decided to make a turkey. We started out tracing my hand on yellow foam. Then we traced my hand again on orange, but this time it was only half of my hand (just half of my palm and four fingers). Then, we traced her hand on the red foam.

We made an oval out of the brown foam for the body, and also a circle for a head. From our scraps of orange foam, we were able to cut a very small triangle to make a beak. We glued the hands together, largest on the back, to smallest on the front. Then glued on the oval in the center, and the circle on top of the oval. Then we glued on the beak.

It would have been hard to make tiny little eyes for this one, so we got out the Sharpie and drew on little circles. It also could have been cute to use googly eyes.

A couple days later, I was looking through the clearance bin at a local craft store. I found packs of foam flower stickers, so I bought a couple. Now I can give her a sheet of foam and a couple stickers, and she can make a little masterpiece all on her own too! Once she gets her little flowers stuck on, she’ll draw stems, or other designs with it. She’s trying to be more independent now, so the less help from mama, the happier she is sometimes. If we can do a project without glue, it makes things a whole lot easier and a lot less messy. 

We have a lot more foam left over in lots of colors. This is our new favorite activity. It allows us to be creative, learn shapes and colors, and be hands on. I can’t wait to see the creations that my little girl comes up with in the future!

What are some simple crafts you like to do with your little ones?

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