Fun and Educational Mailbox Activity

As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m always looking for something easy to break up the monotony of our day/week. Bringing in a little fun learning at the same time is always a big bonus.

I love this mailbox activity because it’s fun for kids, easy for parents, and can be educational in any way you choose. It can also be adapted for almost any age or developmental stage. Whatever your child is interested in learning at the time, you can incorporate it for them.

I picked up a small metal mailbox at Michael’s as well as some letter stickers to put my son’s name on the side. But a shoe box would work just as well and and could offer another fun activity for the child to decorate, color, paint, put stickers on, and truly make the “mailbox” their own.

Find an out-of-the way place in the house to keep their box, one that you can sneak over and get to without them noticing if you need to because you will occasionally forget to fill it while they are sleeping.

I bought a colorful notepad at the dollar store to use for creating my daily “letters” in his mailbox. Since my son was learning letter recognition and sounds, I decided each day I would put in a new letter with a word starting with that sound and a simple drawing of the word. We would discuss what was in his mailbox and then find things throughout the day that also started with that letter sound. It was a great way to get him thinking about letter sounds and also gave us something to talk about during boring errands. Any time he would get antsy in line at the grocery store, I could keep him busy and happy just by reminding him to look for his letter of the day.

Anything can be added each day for your child’s discovery and discussion: numbers, colors, shapes, sight words, animals, books, magazine pictures, family pictures, etc. the options are endless! And don’t worry if this feels like just another thing to remember that adds pressure to us moms. Many days I forgot to put his new letter in the mailbox before he went to check. That will happen. Just tell the child the mailman hasn’t come yet so we will have to check again later. Then throw something in there when the child isn’t looking or is napping.

One particularly exhausted day I just tossed a couple Cheerios in and it was a truly exciting discovery for my little boy. I think it was his favorite “mail” ever. So no pressure here to fill the mailbox with perfect, unique creations each day. Just the act of running to their very own mailbox to find out what could be in there in enough to engage and stimulate most little ones.

Have fun with this! As they get older, the mailbox can be used for writing sweet notes to them, let them know something you’re proud of them for that day, give them a boost of confidence or reminder of why they’re awesome. It can also be used for siblings to pass notes or fun things to each other and they will love having something that is only for them. You can even encourage grandparents or other family members to create little pictures or notes for the child’s mailbox.

This truly has endless possibilities!

2 Responses to Fun and Educational Mailbox Activity

  1. Great rainy day activty

  2. this is so sweet. i really like this idea. my daughter loves going to the real mail box so i think shed really like this

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