Go-to-Gifts: Big Sibling Gift

At the birth center, still in PJs, with his Big Brother backpack!

When mama Alex announced to me that she was pregnant with her second baby I was beyond thrilled for her and her family. When we started discussing her baby sprinkle I realized I wanted to get TJ a little something for a ‘big brother’ gift. My first thought was some type of kit to help with his little brother, but as I started looking online the #1 thing I was reading was to make the gift for HIM and not focused on baby because so much *will* be focused on baby… at the shower/sprinkle, when baby is born, etc.

This made sense to me. Then I started thinking… I didn’t want to get him some random toy that may be forgotten soon after his brother was born, or worse yet, he would be over it before his little brother was born. I wanted something that would be helpful and fun.

Then I had an inspiration! A big brother kit for the birth center (oh, did I mention? Alex is having baby #2 at a birth center and TJ gets to be present and participate as much as he wants).

My mom and I loved the idea so much! We headed to Target with N to search out some of the perfect items to put in a bag. We let N pick out a lot of it, including the backpack we put it all in.

Here are the items we included, plus some extra ideas to help inspire you!

  • activity/coloring books

  • pencils/crayons/markers
  • glow bracelets (perfect for when the lights are low during labor)

  • flip book

  • big brother shirt (Alex ended up making this for ours)

  • snacks (we included some snacks that are a rare treat for TJ)

  • juice boxes
  • a camera - I recommend a point-and-shoot because then the older sibling can also take photos of baby once they are home. And it’s always fun to get the perspective of the little people in the house.
  • gift cards to iTunes/Google Play/Amazon App Store - help Mama get some new apps for the tablet for something new, fun, and exciting… or a movie.
  • And last, but not least, I wanted to include something to encourage special one-on-one time with TJ once his baby brother made his debut. TJ and his daddy love to make trips to Starbucks, especially on Saturday mornings. Just ask TJ, he can give you his dad’s order! For Mommy/TJ dates we got them a gift card to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt. I loved this little touch… and TJ did, too.

Did I leave something out? What would you include in a Big Sibling Gift?

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  1. This is SUCH a great idea! Thanks!

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