Go-To-Gifts: Bridal Shower Wine Basket

I recently attended a bridal shower and brought a gift that was a HIT! It’s, of course, fine to buy off of the registry. The bride and groom-to-be created it themselves and chose items they know they’d want, but surprising them with a gift that they weren’t expecting was way more fun and this might just become my “go-to-gift” for other bridal showers that I attend.

The bride-to-be and her soon-to-be-hubby enjoy a glass of wine every so often. So I thought a wine basket would be a fun idea for them (even though the groom is becoming an expert at making his own beer!). Basically, you buy a few bottles of wine and attach tags to the necks of the bottles telling them what occasion they should enjoy the wine on. My gift included their wedding night, first fight, first dinner party, first Christmas Eve, first anniversary and first baby.

I did a quick Google search and found that many, many Etsy sellers are selling tags to go along with the wine bottles, but there was also a blog that was offering them up for free. Score! If you’ve read any of my posts about saving money, you know I love free. 

I printed the tags out with a pretty sea foam green text and glued them to blue card stock. They were eventually attached to the wine bottles by punching a hole in the top and using green ribbon to tie around the neck.

I had a great time one afternoon heading to the local wine outlet store and browsing around. I knew the happy couple enjoyed wine, but wasn’t sure what kind they preferred, so I bought a variety (red, white and blush). I could have easily just picked up the first bottles I saw, but instead I chose to pay special attention to the labels and names of each wine to try to match them to the occasion. I ended up with:

Wedding Night – Bridalwood (no explanation necessary!)

First Fight – Il Bastardo (hehe)

First Dinner Party – Kitchen Sink (because they’ll be doing a lot of dishes when everyone leaves!)

First Christmas Eve – Holiday Spiced (Brotherhood)

First Anniversary – Barefoot (they’re getting married in summer, so I thought this was cute considering the season)

First Baby – A bottle of beer for the groom (the tag indicates that since the expectant mama is pregnant, the dad will have to enjoy it on his own)

I bought a basket and some shredded paper from JoAnn’s Fabric, nested the wine in the paper, and put the labels over the necks. No need to wrap it! The bride-to-be was thrilled as the room quieted down so she could read the labels and explain the gift. Many people came up to me afterwards and told me what a great gift it was.

Buying 5-6 bottles of wine/beer could get expensive, but since I wasn’t sure what specific kind the couple liked to drink, I opted for matching the labels with the names of the wine. Most of them were under $10 a bottle. The basket was $4 and the shredded paper was $3. For right around $50 (which is probably what I would have spent on a registry gift anyways), I gave a gift I hope the couple would remember… more than your standard cookie sheet, place setting or bathroom towels. 

2 Responses to Go-To-Gifts: Bridal Shower Wine Basket

  1. What a cute idea. I have a few bridal showers coming up and this would be a perfect gift.

  2. This idea is very cute! I have to make one for my next bridal shower. Come on friends and get married so I can make you one, no pressure. Hehe!

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