Go-to-Gifts: Meeting a Newborn

After weeks of waiting, you finally get the call you’ve been waiting for, the new bundle of joy has finally arrived. You cannot wait to meet him or her (after all, you have waited nine long months). You have been invited to visit the newborn at the hospital or the home of the new parents, you don’t want to come empty-handed, but what is a good gift to bring a newborn?

For The Baby:

Clothes… I know everyone always wants to buy tiny little newborn clothes because they are all so adorable, but they are not always very practical. If you absolutely can’t resist, think size wise. Now that the baby is born, and you have a clue to how big or small he or she is, it should help determine the size of clothing that they should wear. Newborn size is not always appropriate (especially for bigger babies), but on the other hand some mamas can’t find anything to fit their tiny babies at first and may need some preemie clothing.

Accessories… The baby is going to need a lot of baby mittens (to keep those little faces from tiny finger nail scratches) and hats. Getting a couple pairs of either of these is a great idea. The same goes for socks. They are a new parent’s best friend and worst enemy. It is important to find socks that stay on those tiny toes, and that can be quite a feat (ha! no pun intended). Robeez socks are highly recommended by the Mama Say What?! mamas for being the best socks to stay put.

A newspaper from the day of the baby’s birth… How cool to be able to read what was happening in the world on the day that you were born. Of course this is not a gift that the baby is going to need right away, but it is a wonderful keepsake.

Gift card… Not sure what the new mama needs for the baby? Getting a gift card to a local baby store can be a super helpful gift and will be used for sure!

For The Parents:

Food… When I asked other Mama Say What?! mamas what their favorite gift was in the hospital, I got a resounding answer of food. After a long labor and a couple days of hospital food, who wouldn’t want take-out from their favorite restaurant. There are several different approaches you can take to the bringing of food. You can ask the mama (or father) if they have any specifics that they would like. Or if you know of a certain restaurant that does take-out, then a gift card is a great idea as well. Finally, if you love to cook then go ahead and bring them a meal or baked goods.  Rarely do I hear of new mamas and dads that have the energy to cook many meals for themselves.

Chocolate… Cookies, cupcakes, a box of chocolates, well you get the picture. I’ve heard from a lot of mamas that said that chocolate was a perfect gift!

Keepsakes… Meaningful books such as On the Day You Were Born or Love You Forever are great keepsakes for both the parents and the new little bundle.

I am not by any means suggesting that you buy ALL of the above, but coming with something is always appreciated.  Keep in mind, though, where you are meeting the baby. If you are going to the hospital, then remember that the new parents are going to be transferring all of the goods back to their home. Hopefully these gift giving ideas will help you choose the right gift when meeting the new little bundle in your life.


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