Go-to-Gifts: The Baby Shower

Have you ever been on the guest list to a baby shower but you just can’t figure out what to get that sweet mama for her precious new baby? You don’t want to get her clothes because, well, everyone does that! You don’t want to get her toys because, well, who knows if she or her baby will like it? So, then what do you get?

The “Dr. Mom” Basket

Moms need a lot of little stuff that we don’t even think of until we find ourselves without it. All those little items are essential in a crises, but we rarely use (or hope to rarely use) because they are generally for when the baby is sick or teething and just down right miserable. Why not make it easier on that mama and help her with some of remedies? Try the following Dr. Mom essentials.

  • NoseFrida – It’s not always fun to suck out your baby’s boogers, but the Nosefrida works like a charm, and generally much better than the bulb syringe given to you by the hospital.
  • Vicks BabyRub– More gentle than Vicks for adults, Vicks BabyRub can help clear congestion and is safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Hylands & Boiron Laboratories products or other homeopathic teething products— Help relieve teething without use of harsh medicines.
  • Washes and baby balms – Earth Mama Angel Baby, Burt’s Bees, and California Baby are brands that make lotions, washes and balms for sensitive skin.
  • Humidifier – Humidifiers can be a very big relief to a baby with a stuffy nose.
  • Bandages– All kids get boo-boos! Having a bandage on hand, especially a baby-sized one, is helpful.
  • Nail clippers – Babies’ nails grow long and fast, and are generally very sharp. Nail clippers are essential.
  • Thermometer – If you think your baby is running a fever, taking their temperature is the fastest way to determine if you should call a doctor.

The “First Foods” Basket

When buying a shower gift, most people think of buying something for ‘right now.’ Many new moms and dads receive gifts to use when the baby is still a newborn. However, the baby will need different things as he grows. Getting these items for baby early is helpful to mom and dad so that the items needed are available when baby grows up too fast.

In my personal experience, one of the best gifts I received at my baby shower was a first foods basket. In the basket were many small items to give our daughter when she started eating. This basket could include:

  • Children’s bowls –Small plastic bowls are easier than regular sized glass bowls for children to hold and use for snacks.
  • Children’s cups – Small plastic cups are easier than regular sized glass cups for children to get their hands around.
  • Children’s utensils – Small plastic utensils are safer than metal spoons and forks, and allow children to help feed themselves.
  • Children’s foods cookbook – If mom plans on making food for her little one instead of purchasing it all, a children’s foods cookbook would be perfect for some quick, easy ideas.

The “Soft” Basket

Babies love all things soft.  Blankets, lovies, stuffies and carriers are all designed to keep baby comfortable. You can put these things into a basket or you can make them into the shape of a cake. Babies love soft items to rub on their faces and to keep them warm when at home or out and about. The following items are a great start for any Soft Basket:

  • aden + anais blankets – The softness and the perfect size of these blankets are incomparable! They can be used for swaddling, covering, snuggling, as a burp cloth or a nursing cover.
  • Bebe Bella toddler blanket – The minky material makes the feel of this blanket perfect for baby. My daughter adores hers and carries it everywhere. And, as an added bonus, the more you wash it, the softer it gets!
  • Moby or Boba (previously Sleepy) Wraps – Those early days, putting Georgia in her wrap made life happen.
  • Baby towels – Nice small hooded towels for their gentle skin.
  • Baby cloths – Small size and lightweight make them easier to use on the little baby than larger washcloths.
  • Stuffed animal/lovie – Babies will often become attached to one certain animal or lovie, maybe it will be yours!

Help that baby feel cozy!

The Diaper Cake

All babies need diapers!  Whether it is cloth or disposable— whatever the mama wishes— you can make amazing diaper cakes. This is not a real cake but consists of useable diapers and other essential baby products such as shampoo, nail cutters, toys and other baby goodies in the shape of a cake.

It’s a great way to get a ton of diapers to the parents to be!

The “For-the-Parents” Basket

Mom and Dad can often be forgotten in the whole pregnancy and arrival of a new baby process. Pamper the parents-to-be with a gift certificate to a spa, book store, record store, or a nice gift such as baby hand and foot imprinting plaster, or even coupons for babysitting.

Mom and Dad will appreciate you thinking of them!

“Encouraging Breastfeeding” Basket

 Breastfeeding can be such a taboo topic. I didn’t breastfeed, but I plan to do so as long as I can with #2, so I’m certainly not here to say it’s the only way. But, it has been proven to give the best nutritional value to the baby and I think it is something that all moms should try. This basket encourages mamas to make breastfeeding a success. This could include:

  • Breast pads – all new moms leak, it’s a fact of life. Breast pads will save us the embarrassment of those wet circles on our shirts. Lansinoh breast pads were my favorite.
  • Nursing tanks/bras – we need easy access for those babies!
  • Nipple lotion – they get dry, cracked, and chapped, so keep them moist!
  • Nursing pillow - Sometimes holding the baby sans pillow can be a challenge so a pillow like the Boppy Pillow or My Brest Friend will help a mom out to get that baby all snuggled in.
  • Water bottle/Fun “Cup” - Water is a huge part in the success of breastfeeding.  A fun water bottle or cup for the mama to help keep up her supply would be a huge help.
  • Something to read – I would have never thought of this without the advice of many other mamas. Its nice to read a book to your baby or surf Facebook on your phone or tablet.

Many moms give up on breastfeeding too early, I was one of them, so I’m sure it would mean the world to your mom-to-be to know you are encouraging her success.

Hopefully these quick basket ideas can help you in your next gift seeking adventure for a new (or not new) mom-to-be in your life!

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  1. Sarah,
    I love this article! Nice job =)

  2. We love our humidifier… and at almost 16mo we still use it on a nightly basis for white noise! It’s a life saver.

  3. I will add onto the first foods suggestions. My daughter LOVED the Boon spoon for her baby. So easy to use when out and about, especially when baby is still awkward at eating. I recommend getting both the spoon (carried at most baby stores) for the smaller jar sized foods and the screw-on top (even carried at Target)for when the baby moves up to pouches.

  4. love this article!! such a good resource

  5. Love these Ideas! can’t wait to use them!

  6. Love this. I always like new ideas for shower gifts.

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