Go-to-Gifts: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Is there anything better than living in a friendly neighborhood where everyone waves “hi” to each other and you can always find a play date for your kids?

As a stay-at-home mama, I’m especially interested in finding new ways to introduce myself to the families around us in an attempt to stave off isolation and find new play date opportunities for my little one. But it can feel incredibly awkward approaching people out of the blue.

One great opportunity to make new friends around you is to give a simple welcome gift to neighbors just moving into your area. That’s when people tend to be the most open to forming new relationships, and it’s always great getting off on the right foot with people you’ll be living near for years to come.

I live in a growing community where new homes are still being built. This means lots of new neighbors coming in.

I wanted to come up with a very inexpensive, fun way to welcome all these new families while also introducing my family.

My first instinct was to make a yummy treat but it’s been a very hot summer here, and these gifts would most likely be left on their front porch. Anything with chocolate (and don’t all yummy treats have chocolate?) would be a melted mess. I decided freezer pops would be a perfect summer treat that wouldn’t break the bank.

I bought a couple large bags of freezer pops at Walmart for $2.50 each. Then I hit up the dollar store looking for a cute container. I decided on these large root beer float mugs.

The dollar store has a great variety of baskets, buckets or anything else you might want to use, so you aren’t limited to the glasses.

I also picked up some curling ribbon and a pack of craft foam sheets for the tags.

I had some leftover Avery address tag stickers to print on, but you could easily print on regular paper and use a glue stick to complete the tags.

Avery.com lets you design and print straight from their website for free without downloading anything. I went to their online design center and chose the name tag template because it was the size and format I wanted.

I created labels welcoming them to the neighborhood with a fun design and our names.

Now it was a matter of simple assembly. Put a handful of freezer pops into each glass tied with a ribbon. Stick or glue the labels to the foam sheets and tie onto the handles with ribbon.


A cheap, adorable summer welcome and introduction for all of our new neighbors.

We loaded up the wagon and went for a walk distributing them on front porches.

They were a big hit and I’ve already made two new friends with kids the same age as my son!

5 Responses to Go-to-Gifts: Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. What a great way to meet your neighbors!

  2. Great idea! I wish I could move to your neighborhood!

  3. I wish we were neighbors! Very thoughtful and cute gift!

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