Graco My Size 70 Review

As a mama of two little ones, having reliable and user-friendly car seats is an absolute must.

Both of my boys go to daycare and our hectic schedules require different vehicles for pick-up and drop-off. This arrangement means we need four car seats! Obviously we needed a solution that didn’t break the bank but our boys safety and comfort was still of utmost importance.

We are now using the Graco My Size 70 for our two-year old. One major advantage of this seat is that it allows any child 40 lbs or less, regardless of height, to safely ride rear facing.

Even better, my two-year old seems comfortable rear-facing and his legs are not completely jammed up against the car the way they are in our Britax Marathon.

One of the biggest complaints I have read about this car seat is that it is difficult to install. I, myself, can’t speak to that as I always have my husband tackle these types of things. He didn’t have any difficulty getting the car seat latched into the car with the LATCH system.

You would be able to use a regular seat belt as well if you didn’t have a LATCH system in your car. The car seat is very sturdy and does not wiggle or rattle at all. No complaints there! Even better, this car seat easily adjusts for height, all you need to do is pull up on the red tab on top of the car seat and voila. No more adjusting straps through the back of the seat, which can be a huge pain in the butt. This is a big advantage if you have more than one child using the seat.

This is a very attractive and gender neutral car seat. I absolutely love the fabric and it definitely cleans up easily. Both of our Britax Marathon car seats have fabric covers that can be a nightmare to clean up when something spills on them, but you could just wipe this fabric up. This is a huge advantage.

Additionally, this car seat has a cup holder that I absolutely love. My little guy gets a steamed milk from Starbucks and now asks “YATTE —peez” every time we pull up to a Starbucks drive-thru. Having a cup holder for him to put his drink into has been awesome.

In addition to the attractive design, I love that this seat has an infant insert that keeps my six-month old snuggly in place. The seat can recline a good amount to allow infants from 4 lbs to be comfortable without ever needing an infant carrier seat. It also has strap covers to keep the seat belt comfortable but they aren’t so large that they interfere with being able to fully tighten the straps.

One downside for me is that the buckles are pretty difficult to get clicked in. The good thing is that they make a clear clicking noise so you know once they are secure. The other benefit is that I know my little guys won’t be unstrapping themselves from the car seat! I quite literally have a difficult time getting it to snap into place. I am hopeful it will get a little looser as we break it in a little more. 

The other downside for me is that the sides of the seat come up fairly high so when you have it installed in a car (we currently have this installed in our Toyota Camry) it can be difficult to get your little one out. I love the side impact protection so I will deal with the difficulty of pulling him out of the seat.

Even though it can be tricky getting my little guy in and out, this seat fits nicely in our Camry and in our Hyundai Santa Fe. We still have comfortable leg-room and don’t need to push the seat all the way forward when the seat is rear-facing. It is a bit bulky so I don’t know how it would do in a smaller sedan, but for our family and our car situation, it works perfectly.

Overall, I am really happy with the My Size 70. Advantages for me include:

  • The price! For equal quality it is far less expensive than the Britax Marathons we had been using. MSRP is listed at $179.99 but with coupons or searching Amazon you might be able to find it cheaper
  • Rear-facing comfort for up to 40 lbs
  • Easy to install, sturdy, no rattling
  • Attractive car seat with easy to clean fabric
  • Great cup holder for “yattes,” built right into the seat
  • Comfortable infant insert and seat belt cushions
  • Fits nicely into our vehicles

Disadvantages— but certainly not deal-breakers— include:

  • It can be difficult to get the buckle and chest harness to snap in.
  • It can be difficult to get your little ones in and out when rear-facing because the sides of the seat come up so high.

Again, I feel like the disadvantages can easily be dealt with and the benefit of having a little one not able to move the harness or unbuckle themselves (as my two-year old has learned to do in his Britax) is worth the difficulty of strapping him in. The additional safety provided in a side impact crash is also worth the difficulty of getting my little man out.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Graco. The opinions expressed are strictly my own and I’ve shared them because I believe this is a quality product worthy of recommendation. No payment was made for my review.

The My Size™ 70 convertible car seat holds a rear-facing infant from 4-40 lbs and forward-facing child in its 5-point harness from 20-70 lbs. It easily grows with your child with the Simply Safe Adjust™ harness system, which automatically adjust both your harness and head rest height. This car seat also offers our exclusive InRight™ LATCH system for one-second LATCH attachment. My Size™ 70 features EPS foam, a removable head/body support, three recline and two buckle positions to keep your child snug and secure. This seat is Safe Seat Engineered, which includes Side Impact Testing. Seat cushion is removable for machine washing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping all children in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2.

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