G’s Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party

Growing up, I loved Dr. Seuss books. In fact, I still remember that Green Eggs and Ham was the first ever book I read before kindergarten started (although I may have just had it memorized by that point). My girls also love Dr. Seuss and so does little G! His mama, Melissa, put together an awesome birthday party for him when he turned one with a way cool Dr. Seuss theme!

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

I couldn’t think of anything I really loved or that G really loved to base the theme of his first birthday party. I didn’t want to pick something just to pick it because it was popular, so I decided on something classic — Dr. Seuss. I had a ton of ideas, and it seemed really easy to pull off, so I went with it.

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

All of the decorations. I got really creative in every aspect, such as the wall hangings and the titles of the foods we served. Pretty much everything was DIY, and coming from someone who is not very crafty this was a huge feat for me!

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? And what did you like about them?

The party was actually held at the same place where we had my baby shower — my sister-in-law’s church.

Our cake maker was G’s nanny at the time and she did an amazing job. It was awesome working with her because she knew exactly what I wanted and I knew there wouldn’t be any surprises.

The decorations that I did buy came from Party City, Amazon, and Birthdayexpress.com. I got the favors and some decorations off Etsy (Erica’s House of Design, TheCraftyMommyCo, lavendarrosegifts, and The Bakers Confections).

I think my favorite things about my “vendors” were that for the most part, they were family friends, and I knew what I was getting. As for the online items I bought, it was easy, quick and delivery time was reasonable so it all worked out really well.

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

My favorite moment of the party was when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to my baby. It was truly a surreal moment for me seeing how far we had come in one year. Also it was really cool to see everything come together and to watch our closest family and friends helping to get all the last minute pieces set up. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many people truly care about you and your baby that way.

What was your birthday boy’s favorite part?

I think his favorite part was the fact that he got to have a toy pit and he could play with toys the entire time. He was running around having a blast the entire time.

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

Plan ahead, look for deals and splurge on the things that are important to you. But don’t overdo it, your one-year-old won’t even remember it. You definitely don’t have to spend a million dollars to make things wonderful. Also, if you have willing family and friends — USE them!! You don’t have to try and do everything yourself. Have a good time and stop and take in the day… they only turn one once!

Budget: $401—$600


By Miriam R.

Miriam lives in a tiny town in mid-Michigan with her hottie husband Craig, and three daughters, Ryleigh (06/06), Lilah (03/11), and Evelyn (01/13). This busy mama spends her days cleaning, organizing, couponing and crafting with her three fabulous girls. She spends her nights going to school to complete her RN. Her husband and her recently moved to a farm and look forward to the adventures that follow. You can find more post from Miriam in the Real Celebrations and Real Homes Sections

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4 Responses to G’s Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party

  1. wow! What a great party!
    It’s a great post too, because anyone reading can duplicate the details you give, and away they go!
    Gavin looked like he was having fun too.

  2. Fantastic job mama! I love all of the details and how you didn’t stick with just one book, but used details from a bunch of books!

  3. What a fun party! I *LOVE* the thing 1/2 photo stand-ins.

  4. Great party! I especially loved the Thing 1/2 photo stand-ins!

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